Audi TT Coupe Whatcar Review

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For The TT’s enjoyable driving characteristics, neat design (inside and out) and solid build make it impossible to ignore. Against Almost a default choice, s…


Angelo Raffaele says:

Front and Rear Profile look great,
but Side Profile looks like a Beetle, and we all know that’s for girls.
Overall, too small for guys, girls will not be impressed. A5 better buy for

David Mendoza says:

Such a nice car, too bad its a gas guzzling whore! lol Go Telsa! 

Jose Díaz says:

144p we meet again

BritishRail60062 says:

One of the best cars that I have driven. To be honest the rear seats are
only suitable for minors or dwarfs because of the sloping back roof. It
beats the Subaru BRZ by miles though.

Sale_Shark says:

Terrible Quality Video !!!

Greg X says:

I forgot to say that the first time I saw one I thought, “Nice style.”

Greg X says:

I need to see an optician. Even after polishing my spectacles the video
looks fuzzy.

Yusuf Coban says:

i would suck this car’s exhoust

Percy Briscoe says:

I have an Audi TT, coupe, 1.8, 2002 model V5 turbo , petrol. i am the
second owner, the first owner took very good care of the vehicle and i have
its full service history. The car is in very good condition, still has lots
of power, eager to go, i would not change it for the world. It is my
weekend car or when i want to go away for a few days. a joy to drive, a
real treat. Long live the Audi TT.

Aviador2own says:

@SurfStefGoldCoast she (or they) probably is (are).

jubjub13483 says:

Funny thing is the 1.8 petrol version of this is almost identical in fuel
consumption as a seat ibzia 1.2! So fast fun audi or boring ibzia with same
fuel consumption? Hmm hard choice…

Danial Syed says:

If anyone is looking to buy one, try it first. It may not suit all taste
but i have been dreaming about this car since it was launch and finally
have one now. Nice car. Excellent fuel consumption if driven on legal
limits, comfy seats. I had many reasons to buy it over the Mercedes SLK,
style, head turning and able to seat 2 adults and a small child comfy
enough with a good size luggage. I have no problems at all on this car.

Alfa Romeo says:

If it has a rear hatch IT IS A HATCHBACK.. Sports car??? this is an easy
driving beetle we´ve been beating every girly audi in a 3200gt that is a
sports car

vainparasite says:

Haha all the people slagging TTs off have probably never even driven one. I
have one and have owned 2 previous models and to say they are not a sports
car is stupid. They are fast comfortable and handle well. Their used prices
reflect how good they are.

randombloke10 says:

@Fastwunz have you ever driven a TT? because its aluminium sports chassis
says otherwise and the ttrs is plenty quick in the straightsa and bends to
put up a good fight against the porsche… and its cheaper


@GabrielKore Thats what am thinking. Beside this is even better for you to
not give rides to people lol you can avoid picking up people such as big
family. which means u and your bitch only in the car haha. oh beside can
you move the seat forward if people wana jump in? can that lead more space

bak Artur says:


Kris Hopkins says:

Video quality is crap and full of artificing. The commentary is done very
well and has legitimate statements. Up your video to match and you have a
quality review.

DylanDesign says:

@gingermonkeykid I agree. “doesn’t look as sharp as the original” – what?!

Alfa Romeo says:

@branot89 Acording to Jeremy Clarckson ferrari f430 is a hatchback not to
mention Ferrari FF so..

Danial Syed says:

I’ve got mine more than a year ago and drives excellent. A-lot of head
turning though, especially among the girls! Mine is in dark grey with black
leather. I drive it on weekend and sometimes on business trips. I driven
about 25000 km in a year. I am a family of three. My son is 4 and he loves
to sit at the back playing his iPad. If i drive at around 80-90km/h my
range monitor indicates about 990km which is fantastics. I have driven
800km to and from and i still have about 225km left on petrol.

Ray Rios says:

well im thinking on getting and audi tt 04 and i just need the price

Mia Cassinelli says:

@Fastwunz Pretty sure the TT RS is faster than the cayman, or at least
around the same 0 – 62

drmzzzz says:

wonderful car

kookieless says:

@GabrielKore its actually more of a sporty looking car than a sports car

MrSHIZZLE4u says:

3 pixel camera.

geoff redditch says:

I’ve owned my 2013 Quattro Tdi TT for 3 months & found it a really firm &
solid ride, responsive but light to drive. You can have a diesel sports car
& this is it! My previous sports car MX5 sport tech was very good
especially for handling but the TT is more practical. No doubt the petrol
version is quicker in a straight line but the Tdi enjoys fast cornering,
just enough for me. It certainly wants to be driven & doesn’t like burbling
along in slow traffic. Life’s too short not to try one.

Nidal Kucuk says:

A lot of money

Fastwunz says:

a TT is NOT NOT NOT a sports car. Its a golf in drag. Buy a Porsche Cayman
second hand and be done with it.

elgransr says:

What is the resolution in this car 1990′s?

branot89 says:

@absolutinspire nissan 370Z has a rear hatch, porsche cayman has a rear
hatch, jaguar xk has a rear hatch… but, are they HATCHBACKS or COUPES?

redwerks says:

@Fastwunz That was true of the last generation and a valid criticism at the
time. This one is rebuilt and amazing fun to drive. It’s not as hard edged
as the Porsche – that’s not the point of this car. Still, it’s got more
“sport” than most cars that make such a claim. Also, the base model 0 to 60
in 5.3 seconds (TTRS is 3.6s )is impressive for the MPG. Don’t forget Audi
(VAG) owns Porsche making the TT a great less expensive option with
marginal downside (unless your a track driver).

Ray Rios says:

how much is the car im 17 and im thinking on getting this car and i just
want to know how much it is and how much i will be paying for the car itself

Kevin Wilson says:

usual cockends slating TT’s, even some fag going on about a
3200gt…ugh…how much does a 3200gt cost, and how much does a TT cost you
absolute cock snot. And calling a 3200gt a “Sports Car” is just retarded.

redwerks says:

@BeforeTheNoose Good point. Actually, even the base TT is faster than the
Cayman (at least in the US models). TT= 5.3 seconds, Cayman = 5.8 (some
claim 5.5) seconds to 60 MPH. The TTS= 4.9 s (Cayman 5.2 – 4.9). The TTRS
handles 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds. Also, using launch control the TTRS hits 60
in 3.6 seconds. I agree with you – it’s silly to say this is not a sports

Jose Mesta says:

Didn´t whatch it all… Video quality sucks…

SurfStefGoldCoast says:

‘may not look as sharp as the original???’ are you high?

SlipknotMaggot0526 says:

these are just modern Karmann Ghias. xD

ADAJ3 says:

@gingermonkeykid she’s talkin about the new tt-rs

Nikko3001 . says:

@alexzanderrios15 way too expensive for you. around 16 grand. i dont think
a 17 year old would be able to afford it unless they pathetically crawl to
their parents. save up for a ford focus or something and thank me later :)

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