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Simon George Photography says:

And a half!

Hamish Cruick says:

I’m 18 and from Scotland and thinking about buying either a tt or a z4 for
my first car. It will most likely be a used car, probably from around 2006.
Does anyone know which is better?

Elactro Kc says:

You shall not drive me Audi ! 

Sam Cann says:

I’m 5 foot 8 inches and I fit in the back of my friends Audi TT with ease

GaryGary007 says:

I think Audi is one of the most boring brands in on the roads today. A1 to
.., all the same. No inspiration. Boring brand.


AUDI TT 2012

Kainj1000 says:

Beautiful car

Eugene Hobza says:

1:45 “good they sound” few seconds later runs over a squirrel probably, lol

Joe Wassef says:

i don’t like the way she’s talking it’s like a robot but a sexy robot

ignas zigaras says:

fuck that ill just get a lotus

Zhang Qi says:

who else came here from the Toyota GT 86? haha.

Ferrarifazer5269 says:

What’s the chicks name?

Nick Vercampt says:

But, I guess she f*cks ten times better then Mat Watson! :’D

bossguy90 says:

do it its worth it

A Ec says:

A Chevy Spark

jubjub13483 says:

Love the gloves!

LamboSpyder99 says:

Im only 5 foot 4….(thinks for a sec)…and a HALF..

sdfvsd says:

Audi “quality” buhahahaha

sdfvsd says:


Atta67 says:

Nice one. :D

aptsys says:

Goofy teeth!

philip kim says:

so what car was it again?

bima aria viyasa says:


loumidis15 says:

hachiroku for ever :haters gonna hate

james willis says:

not really man this car isnt that good looking

shonor6 says:

But where does she talk about LSD?

Weltenspinner LPs says:

Oh VW/Audi, why did you let Peter Schreyer go? :/

Adam.S M says:

how do i :s suck a dick

Alexander Nikonorov says:

where is the bottle)

KPDRMN says:

so are they the only 2 functions a woman performs?

haarren says:

wooh what a beauty double decker.well i mean both audi and lady

Keenan Taylor says:

shit she’s hot =)

Steven Tsang says:

Becca this car has ur name written all over inside and outside

Reverse Will says:

Id shag her

Yung Bueno says:


fernando quiñones says:

you got me sir.. xD

Tyler Condora says:


shonor6 says:

It turns every journey into a pleasure. Sorry, not convinced. To me it
looks like you really aren’t enjoying the ride.

drifft000 says:


holmikehol says:

Peugeot comparing with audi. Wait till you return the peugeot

Gerry Long says:

dont it have any heaters in you have your coat on and gloves on.who
wears gloves when driving ,omg.

cilvrado says:

she really is HALF, thats why the emphasis!

Atta67 says:

Made in Hungary – in Győr

moeundertaker says:

Does anybody know if I can replace the standard radio in my 2009 TT with an
MMI interface (navigation screen thing) ? Thanks.

Sline4 says:

you can sit in my lap though lol

sidewayssam says:

she’s racing a boxter this season,look her up at Rebeccaracing

mobit76 says:

Rebecca is a ten times better racing car driver than he is

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