Audi TT RS 2012 Test Drive & Car Review – RoadflyTV with Charlie Romero

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Braden Rikli says:

My absolutely favorite car, bar none, straight from the heart, at the 0-80k
price range of course. Can’t wait, hopefully next fall when i graduate it
will be mine, but they are so rare and hardly brought to the U.S. gunna
have to go searching for it

asolisto says:

Less talk and more images next time please

Biddybalboa says:

show us the car!!! not this guy talking!!!

Dolores Jimeno says:

I am tired

Roadfly Automotive Network says:

karim automobile says:
Dolores Jimeno says:

I am tired

Guriqbal Chouhan says:

those 37 poor people will also not have a heart attack at the age of 30

motosporttouring says:

The performance figures and power to weight ratio speak for themselves.
Efficiency, class, and beauty!

hnsmusic says:

about 370ish but thats comparing apples and oranges because of the turbos
and tricks those small engines use.

turbisios says:

under 1.5 tones….

motosporttouring says:

Just wait for the 2013 TTRS plus!

Wave Strike says:

Secretaries everywhere are chomping at the bit. And fashion designers,
theater directors and male dancers.

penpen123 says:

good review

optimuz08 says:

It reminds me the model of an Nissan Z


Interesting! I did not know that.

W4TCH4W says:

cayman R > tt RS

Naz zz says:


DamonArizona says:

Awful review. Last time I watched an American trying to review a car.

Curtis McVea II says:

I think I’m in love

OneOfaKind949 says:

How reliable is it??? Audis have a horrible reliability record.

Jack Bolton says:

fire this reviewer.

Suliman M F says:


ronkerjake1 says:

Well it’s engine is based on the Gallardo’s.

Speedmccool385bitch says:

ANGRILY…GRRRR…or could I have been using it to emphasize a “POINT”.
lol- either way it pissed you off my work is done.


I think he might be incorrect on the Quattro 50:50 split… Most Audi’s
have the Torsen Quattro system, which is a 60:40 rear:front split (under
normal conditions), however the TT and the A3 come with the Haldex Quattro
system, which is in fact a 20:80 front:rear split (under normal
conditions). I was told by an Audi engineer that this is because the TT and
the A3 have a sideways mounted engine because of their smaller size, and
the Torsen system cannot fit with it.

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