Behind the Wheel: 2012 Audi A7

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Check out the full article here: We get our happy hands on the new hatchback/fastback/sportback/bringing sexy back/ car from Audi. It’s…


Kr Is says:

Quality of that video is sh!t.

Isaac Baptista Da Conceção Nascimento says:

This car is so perfect

David Xue says:

I want a smaller fastback!

Gear Patrol says:

@etiennedeutsch Why thank you!

9inchNirvana says:

why is the A6 of the A7?… :D

max audi says:

This car totally rocks – finally picked it up and the car is a total dream
- it looks wayyy better in person than in the pictures. Can’t wait to check
out the S7 when it comes out!

brbessel says:

Watching the video again for cough 9th time.. But just something to think
about.. if you mention something like led lights… show them.. if you say
something abut a car and don’t show, its like saying yeah I could do that I
just don’t want too… still a satisfied fan…

Arvin Peopleinlove says:

He looks more like the lead singer of coldplay :D with a touch of jensen
button XD

Bryan Lo says:

Brad, I hate BMWs too, Cheers.

Gear Patrol says:

@cames2222 hahahaha…thanks!!

steve9509 says:

I love Audi and your reviews!

brbessel says:

Yo Yo B-rad review the new G37 convertible my dad is looking at it so if
its good enough for you should be good enough for a 50 year old man with
salt and pepper hair

ali hajbi says:

i am buying that car

Jose Guilarte says:

thanks for recording in HD

psumiz says:


MrThemorningsun says:

deerhunter man..good music choice.


lol just wondering what car do u drive?

Dean Gaveau says:

Great review. So much fun. I like the couch remark. And. Certainly the 8
speed remark. Very refreshing review. I even shared it with my girlfriend.

kentau123 says:

BMW is DEAD!!!

Stepside says:

Brad these are getting so good man. Keep it up!

Gregory Parker says:

I absolutely love all your reviews. I will be getting an A7 in the near

efg36 says:

The Back is ugly. Its mess up the hole car. Why is the Number-Plate in a
hole? Its look bad.

Gear Patrol says:

@g2nyce101 Humbly agreed…on both fronts :)

OBX says:

Great video Brad and crew!!!

3yar1983 says:

nice review, fella won’t get bored with your vids man. as for the car it’s
great for sure, nice built n great handling. lookin forward for ur next
vid. cheers. .

jugerknott09 says:

So is it true that there will be a S7?

CycoWarriorx says:

Nice video, but I learned absolutely nothing of interest regarding this car.

OneOfOne says:

too much first day with the editing software, stupid unneccesary shots and
not enough driving.

FashionistoCameron says:

@glassscrean they are ray-bans

TheMegaCONARTIST says:

Dream made reality, Audi.

Bazz Ent says:

Nice review!!!!

monstruolio says:

2012? seriously? this car was in mexico in 2008 already

LoL70107 says:

hahah love the introduction

afawaz3 says:

how do you get to pick which cars you review??? do they just let you borrow
an audi?? your reviews are awesome man, keep it up!

thefinancialcrisis says:

I love LA and most cities in the American south west.

Roy Walsh says:

LMAo i must be the only 1 who realize soulja boy’s song “Cauz I’m Black” lol

Dash Cam Gold Coast says:

missing reviews like this GP :(

Pablo CptLENIN says:

ur rigth i do agree is just like others but steel seems beatifull
expeccially in the back

Brandon Jones says:

Saw one of these beasts on the highway today.

jarrettking says:

The best review I have ever seen of anything! Didn’t want it to end!

SummerTheFuzzy says:

sexy car, wish i had the money for cars like this

Gear Patrol says:

@SummerTheFuzzy shhhhhh (me too)

MrFrankieFiggz says:

4:29… prob the worst song ive ever heard

9inchNirvana says:

Why is the A6 afraid of the A7?… :D no but seriously this is a great show

Zack A-Q says:

the worst thing about this video is music -_-’

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