BMW 1 Series 3-door

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With M Sport package. Promotional Video.


valentin goderis says:

mine in 6 months :D

Enrique Abdon says:

8 years for get this car T_T

Philips Filis says:

The greatest car ever made by mankind 

history777 says:

can’t wait to get my i114 in 3 weeks ;)

ahmadosama says:

Why do they have to make suck amazing promotional videos that would make us
sell our old cars for peanuts and spend a fortunate on a new BMW?!

heyden sto says:


TaZzy says:

Getting mine on tuesday! :D

Alexandros F says:

2 months for me…125d! :)

jaguarjaonzz says:

Nice !

Pas Pon says:

awesome video. awesome car!

TaZzy says:

2 more months for me, the 118i with M Sport package! :D

deingfrt says:

è davvero una macchina per fighi….

xxCpxxDr0n3 says:

isn’t it their goal? ;)

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