‘ BMW 1 Series ( F20 ) ‘ Test Drive & Review – TheGetawayer

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This review of the 116 i F20 has been recorded in March 2012 … Visit my website @ http://www.thegetawayer.com or like my page on facebook @ http://www.face…


Tee Cee says:

Good review of the 1er, shame it wasn’t the 125D or 120D being tested
though, not too keen on the lower end petrols particularly in SE trim- you
might as well have “Austerity-Pack” written on the vehicle. Also BMW’s
shouldn’t be compared to Audi’s- a car manufacturer that primarily sells
FWD re-badged VW’s for people that have no interest in cars. 

SenszR says:

+Matthew Yeung Audi interior is crap? Are you mentally deficient?

TheGetawayer says:

@ErDerErIs : Gern geschehen. Mein Deutscher Kanal heißt übrigens
‘TheGetawayerDE’, falls Du noch mehr Videos sehen möchtest

TheGetawayer says:

Jap, they’ve won several ‘ awards ‘ for unreliability here in germany, but
maybe things have changed. What’s your opinion ?

PaulEssexUk says:

Hi , i have this car in white with the 1.6turbo engine in sport style, i am
pleased with the way it drives but still unsure about its looks. I
collected mine new in june less than five months ago. Had to call into BMW
dealership this week and saw the 1-series in the showroom and was shocked
to see they have already given it a face lift and changed the front end and
rear lights. There must of been a problem with the first design , what do
you think ?

TheGetawayer says:

I’m sure the difference isn’t big enough for me to prefer the 1 Series. The
new A-Class is the best looking car in this class if you ask me :)


Hi here in my country audi A1 cost 29000 dollars and bmw 116 cost 34000
should i spend the extra 5 thousand to buy the 116 or it doest worth it?

quintics says:

I think the design looks very edgy…It goes along with the F10 5 series
and the F30 3 series. The front could use some more aggressive lines though.

TheGetawayer says:

Okay, that’s interesting. Thanks for sharing !

Christopher Koller says:

There hasn’t been a facelift yet. But you might have seen one with the new
M-package, the car looks much better with it. ;)

TheGetawayer says:

Ganz klar Heckantrieb ! Noch gibt es keine BMWs mit Frontantrieb, aber es
stimmt das welche kommen sollen. Ich glaube ab 2014..

justiceCCCC says:

Guido, I am about to order F21, with m-pack, and I am still not sure about
the gearshift , manual or automatic? Which one is bether for the 80 to
120km taking over? Thanks

TheGetawayer says:

I only rented this car for my review to get a decent first impression after
having reviewed the previous 1series from 2010 and 2011 ( 116i and 120d
Sport Edition ) . I have no idea how reliable they are or if people have
any issues with their cars so far…I’m personally very intrested in
driving the new Mercedes A-Class which for me look far better than the
current 1 series and eventhough it is FWD people say that it handles
brilliant. Could become a great alternative to the 1series and A3 soon

TheGetawayer says:

BMW won’t give me press-cars and there’s no other way to film reviews for
me. If they change their mind one day, I would love to show you guys more
BMWs again…Greetings, TheGetawayer

henrikbardolatzy says:

Der m135i hat doch einen 6 Zylinder..

Bob Chamo says:

ugly car

TheGetawayer says:

I really enjoyed driving it and I’m getting used to the look. Just takes a
bit of time, because I loved the predecessor so much. Thanks for watching
and thanks for the comment !

RoderbourgFTW says:

great review man! you seem to really know what ur talking about! :)

João Carlos Santos says:

Well done again Guido :D

justiceCCCC says:

You must be wrong, Mercedes A’s interior is just superb, the only thing is,
it looks too god, too flashy, so in a few years I am not sure would I like
looking at it all the time. I ordered BMW F21, but I must say Mercedes had
feeling of comfortness and BMW had more sportiness, but both cars compared
to Audi A3 had a feeling of driving bigger cars than they were, Audi felt
smaller and too light, you couldn’t feel robustness and didn’t handle as
BMW did. On the other side Mercedes had comfort.

TheGetawayer says:

That could really be a problem, eventhough the modern traction controlls
work really well. I’m glad you enjoyed my review ! Thanks for the comment

TheGetawayer says:

You’re welcome, Andrew ! Thanks for your comment and hopefully you will
enjoy your new car. Greetings from germany, Guido aka TheGetawayer

Lyle Shumate says:

I’ve heard better things about Alfa lately, but you’re right. If 1 series
wasn’t BMW, no one would even consider buying it. Unfortunately, I can’t
afford A-Class, but could afford Seat Leon FR with either 2.0 TDI 150 or
1.8 TSFI DSG 7, although the DSG 7 worries me a little, too.

kest32 says:

this car is amazing! I have the 116d version and the order day I achieved
3,4l/100km with the ecopro mode on! i agree with you it really is a great

ErDerErIs says:

danke dir!

TheGetawayer says:

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it

nsulejma says:

Yeah thats what I tought since all the weight of a car is up front and not
in the back where the all traction is. Then Im really wondering if this is
a case why are they saying that bmw is ultimate driving machine when you
are actualy paralised during winter. I was really doing a research since im
a potential buyer but most of the people gave me advice that if you are
getting a bmw make sure its a xdrive. im sure this car drives beautifully
in dry conditions

TheGetawayer says:

I wish I could, but BMW has not yet agreed to give me any cars for my
reviews and finding a M135i as a rental car could be difficult. I will keep
on asking them :)

TheGetawayer says:

I agree. Thanks for your comment !

savvas Quattro says:

im sorry BMW (116i) but AUDI(A3) is much better than you !!BMW 116i seemes
so pour in front of AUDI A3 !! Vote up if you agree ..

TheGetawayer says:

I guess the Golf is more practical and offers more space and comfort. The 1
series is a bit on the sportier side and has very economical engines too.
If I get the chance to review the new Golf, I will. Greetings, Guido aka

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