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TheJoeMB says:

Looks great to me anyway, handling is better than the Audi A3 as well BUT
as much as i love BMs i think i would have an Audi A3. Why? The 1 series is
not very practical, an A3 is a lot more spacious and finally those run flat
tires put me off, especially the cost of replacing them at least in my

HighAnders says:

at 00:10 is that where the trash can is located? on top of the dashboard?

Matthew Hansen says:

@exceilence Height?? He claims he is 5’11 I think? Or 5’10.

stonkie1982 says:

If you like the 1 series buy one if u dont – easy dont buy one horses for
courses. I prefer a fast sporty hatchback and love the styling of the 1
series – although i admit its not most practical i love it. Practical is
gf’s car haha

MacGyver920 says:

Come on! There are uglier cars than this! This isn’t even ugly.

Karumi Tao says:

well i have bmw series 1 with 5 doors not 3, ( i mean it has 2 doors at the
back also), and it’squite spacious at the back, you can sit perfectly and
you aren’t fighting to fit your legs as in other cars. I totally recommend

Marijn Lamers says:

Prettiest car ever, Don’t need a coupe wich looks like it can travel full
speed both ways….

CiganoBoxer says:

the 123d is one hell of a car

Ed Wulff-Vanderpuije says:

That’s what I want to know :)

TeReNo223 says:

got this as my first car, never regretted it =]. also fuel might hurt ya
wallet abit if its your first car

Dx4c8 says:

Pay attention, you drive on the wrong side of the street ;)

stonkie1982 says:

If you want a practical car thats boring go for a VW golf zzzz or Audi A3 –
Ive owned my 1 series for 4 years now and love it – flying machine

benwestonjazz says:

@jzy0104 Each to their own otherwise we’d all drive the same car :-) A low
spec 1 series is not a very nice car but the full-spec, facelift cars are
equally as well built and good quality. They use 90% of the interior of a 3
series anyway so there shouldn’t be a perceivable difference. The 120d is a
pretty boring engine though.

leemarkbrent2013 says:

My first car its amazing so lucky :)

08emily89 says:

Can you fit a regular buggy or pram in the boot of this?

mimito92 says:

you need new shoes 1:56 !!

host199 says:

What is this guy’s stature?

Hound419 says:

Rear wheel drive in a hatchback… SOLD!

rokke06 says:

at first i thought “oh, they are reviewing my car” – but then he started
the engine… 130i is the only 1 series limousine u wanna drive ;)

AssembledFigure says:

I own bmw 120i…. I didnt buy this car for ppl that are ganna sit at the
back, i both it for my self… Im very pleased with it. I also own audi a3
and compearing the ride and stability on the road, bmw beats it by far.

AlJeffersonA1 says:

Crap, cramped over-priced car. Go for a Focus instead, you will be glad
that you did.

Matthew Hansen says:

@exceilence If I did the conversion right it would be 1.524 m?? Does that
sound right? Or am I off? I’m in the U.S. that’s why so forgive my
ignorance. 5’11 is considered just above average height for men. Of course
you have to consider the size of the person, not just height. For example
person B can be just as tall but they have a bigger frame or they are
wider. Everyone interprets size and space differently. Some will say its
tight, and others will find it just right. Cheers!

Kofi Asare says:

BMW don’t do front wheel drive cars do they?

orhun20 says:

but yet whoever i give lift dont wanna get out coz of the heavy fuel smell,
still kick ass.

criminafbi fbi says:

i got a 2006 120d very happy whit the car :)

AnthonyUK says:

@KarumiTao It’s not good for tall adults though.

Mpoweronboard says:

It´s soo fuun to drive..! :)

Justin Chan says:

audi a1>bmw 1 series hatch, for me at least.

16mmDJ says:

“Marmite.” “Yep, now you’re fired”

host199 says:

@rowsdower12 )) It was joke. Russia is not USSR.. but today I saw at hockey
statistics on wikipedia and I proud for USSR achievements in world
championships. Russia won just 3 world champs in 20 years. And in this year
start is bad! Germany won us, Slovenia was difficult today for us. Ok. Bro,
in Moscow now is 4:36… I want to sleep.

Aom Shrok says:

I own this car, I drive fast and beat the ass of everyone in the road! It
has a less fuel consumption and a very comfy car to drive….I must stop

balitaSR says:

@AnthonyUK all bimmers are known for providing much less space than
competitor models in each respective category…

NAGULNR2 says:

guys which car;Mini Countryman,BMW 1 series,VW golf 6 OR VW scirocco?

Liverpool1857 says:

Smallish boot and not much room in the back!? Who’d have thought it in a
small 3 door car….! It wasn’t designed as a minibus for a rugby team.

host199 says:

@rowsdower12 ))) Yes! I am from USSR. And I can tell you (as I see in
google) 5’11″ = 180sm. I tell you, bro, that this is not little height. Yes
height is not absolutely matter… but. My body size is as body of this
dude on video but I am more thin. And I absolutely sure that 1 series is
tooo small for me. Be aware, bro! Try 1 series before you buy it! ))) “I’m
in the U.S. that’s why so forgive my ignorance” ))) It sounds funny

tomsaar98 says:

@rowsdower12 He said that he is 5.1ft.

jose manuel castro andrade says:

Hello water. Love

jzy0104 says:

@benwestonjazz i had a 120d m as a service car when i had my 3 serviced…i
didn’t like the feel and quality inside and the way it handled.the steering
was a little lighter than my e90 m,and it felt firmer (both have 18 rft)..i
can’t say i can compare them..but i thought i will be like a 3.i don’t know
maybe its just me..sorry

86kinky86 says:

@rowsdower12 no way dude, he’s six feet tall or something

Stacey DaSilva says:

I love this car, it is so much fun to drive. It doesn’t really bother me
that the seating for someone who didn’t pay for the car had insufficent leg
room. You really should be grateful for the lift.

lunatiy says:

@NAGULNR2 do you want sporty (BMW) or comfortable(Golf)

Lukas G. says:

Rims ??

Miki Kimi says:

@mimito92 he doesnt need new shoes ,hes the Matt !!

wupperbal999 says:

BMW is a driver’s car, not a grocery or people carrier.

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