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Jai Juttla says:

the gear shift is horrid

Joshua Whittle says:

Whoever owns that car defo has Diabetes.

yusuf topaloglu says:

Never liked the design of 1 series . A series, Leon , Giulietta is much
more better lookin …

Richard Wheeldon says:


Nebin Baby says:

ugliest BMW

Kh Wong says:

I think people would love it if this is a hybrid car…?

Hans Danayah says:

I prefer the A200 Merc!

Renato Tovar says:

4:33 – being that said, is the only car this size i would buy

Jamie Monk says:

Just bought one… The drive is phenomenal!

michaelverrrris says:

180,000 subscribers

lloydieization says:


pb5x5 says:

I prefer the early mark one 1 series, the steering in the new one is numb
like a old vw golf mark four no matter what setting you choose. Also the
quality is only skin deep as they have cheapened the bits you can’t see.

Jesús Potter says:

the secret compartment now it is not secret! ;(

turpioSE says:

this guy must be diabetic with that junk food

Jesús Potter says:

That car is for fats xD

redrum6789 says:

More then enough room for my 1 child who’s skinny anyway.

sandurace says:

Who buys cars for cupholders?

Curran Sareen says:


Thomas Williams says:

1:08 lol I love this guy.

ImGonnaFailExam says:

BMW 1 series. The A class looks like a box.

JAMZYBHOY1989 says:

He will need a pisser at that rate of drinking too.

xBuzz996 says:

the front is so ugly

ietglue says:

sorry, he’s stoned. with all that sugar drinks and candy.

carmatazz says:

no no wait! it should come soon :) I’m trying to find the spy photos but I
couldn’t. Wait though.

Nick Heywood says:

because im 21 and that’s quick for me ;) or as my insurance will reasonably
allow. I’ve timed the116i at about 7.9 – probs down to driver

ietglue says:

Is that guy drunk?

iTooob says:

What the fuck is your problem? I bet you’re just jealous youi can’t even
afford the 1 series he has.

Göktuğ MADSAR says:


TheMegaCONARTIST says:


MrFafcho says:


karuven says:

I’d rather get a 1 series than a 3 series. It’s smaller, nimbler, more
reminiscent of the E30 3 series that the current bulky 3 series has grown
from. You should read Jeremy Clarkson’s review on the M135i. It sounds like
you measure a car’s value by its size and appearance rather than its
agility and feeling.

AlJeffersonA1 says:

Er, no. I would rather have a Focus Econetic which does 62 MPG in the real
world, costs just 30 quid to tax and is a lot cheaper and more practical
than that over priced piece of shit that is the 1 series.

Yooshei says:

I have the old 116i and i can only do 25mpg -.- and its not turbochrgd :S

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