BMW 1 Series hatchback expert car review

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mark james says:

I think the new one series looks better, the old car was crap, and my new
one had £12500 of warranty work in 2 years, I now drive a Toyota. see how
many come to the workshop when there’s a lot of water about.????

mynamehaschanged says:

I don’t know why you think the previous BMW 1 series version was not good
looking. I own two 1 series, previous version, a three door and a five
door, and let me tell you that people who own 3 series, 5 series and even
other brands think it’s the best looking BMW of the past 6 years. Also
owners of BMW 1series new version think the last version looks better tan
the new one and I agree.

Matian Kadolli says:

I want one

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