BMW 1-Series Hatchback review

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InferusDaFire says:

got it for my 18th high five

Emzie Blankenship says:

This is one beast of a car. Climate Control? Damn I would feel like I am at

234jari234 says:

One Hell Of A Car!

Blacktolite says:

You mean daddy has money not you so don’t say “WE” you fucking spoiled brat

louis dorey says:

yes. thats excatly what i mean. just because we have money and can afford
it. it’s not a bad thing having your pearents buy you a nice car, is it?.

Justin Chan says:

id rather get the gti :(

louis dorey says:

getting this for my 17th

jgre666 says:

Gonna buy one for sure!! Gr8 for restricted parking, rare to find rear
wheel drive on a hatchback, 118i is the best option, 4 cylinder 2.0 litre
engine, less emmissions, less weight, and lots of power!!!!!! Cant wait
cant wait cant wait!!

Nour Baki says:

I am goig to get this car when i turn 25

Blacktolite says:

you mean daddy is getting you it

tommyd1707college says:

Just bought one for my 18th, Amazing little car!

JLaw012 says:

This guy gave the Audi A3 a better review, and it is available in the
US,and it has more options, and is probably less expensive.

Kenrick Browne says:

your insurance is going to be a killer

88pie88 says:

wtf not in the US? id buy 3 of these.

genkifd says:

hot hatc hquick lol 120i kidding right!!!!

thebizzel says:

The Golf and a 3-series had a baby

Szymon Sikora says:

Younger buyers? I Poland for example…. engineer PhD earnings 450 EU netto
…. coming to 750 after 8 years …sad….great just great … i love my
nissan 1.6 SLX 1986 ….was made 2 years after i was born… maybe when i
turn 40 i have the money :(

Richard Parker says:

Got a 118d. Great car with all the drive characteristics you expect of a
BMW but in a smaller neater package. Love it.

RAP1073 says:

It exist as Cabrio and Coupe in the USA

terzolilu says:

got this car. 120d best diesel I’ve ever driven

JesseIronman says:

Spoilt little bitch go earn yourself a livin stop sponging of mummy and

Paul Mekhail says:

the best bmw is not in the US

jmjboi says:

Wait a minute was that a manual window lever in 2:27???? maybe I’m just
imagining things but I have never seen that in a bmw before especially in a
newer modern one, that’s like the queen spitting on the sidewalk very
unusual and unexpected for it’s premium status???!!!!

warriorxp111 says:

5 star

TCreatorO says:

wtf!? howcome I havent seen it at the dealer!? that thing is awesome! that
would be a great seller here in the US too!

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