BMW 1 Series M Coupe review – Auto Express

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Full review: Auto Express gets behind the wheel of BMW’s lat…


ginger ale says:


S Miller says:

Think of this as a Baby Supercar

mike smith says:

Brutal machine

bagster60 says:

Was going to buy an M3 then an M1 came up with only 6k on the clock. Drove
it and bybthe time I had gone a mile I knew I was going to buy it. Just a
brilliant car! The bonus is it will be a future classic but right now I am
just enjoying driving it.

tuska20000 says:

Damn shame they are holding the price. I would have loved owning one :(
Aww well a45 amg it is then :)

zak anthony says:

I’m gonna hijack one

Stig Rossi says:

@b1asphemer What position? ;) And sweet deal man. Enjoy!

Kurucz Tamas says:

@lupo0144 and manual!

sgtgrash says:

This is the most exciting car BMW have made for a very long time. Loving
its simplicity, the power from that twin-turbo straight six (‘M’ car
purists form an orderly queue here) and the handling capabilities of the
chassis. Dammit, I even like it’s pug dog looks. As others have mentioned
here, it is the 2002ti of the 21st century. Such a shame the production run
is limited to 450 units… :(

stfu n00b says:

Honestly I see it as a bonus in the rs3′s meal.

Teran Clan says:

Is this car the same as the 128i? Anyone please I live in USA so I don’t
know if they r the same..

Malcolm Ho says:

“oh yes, most definitely”

MikaOwns says:

such a proper car.

fullfist says:

what’s with the damn smiley face in the front design?!

alex cristian says:

i’d give my right ball for it

TheAndy151 says:

nice car haha he’s sexy (;

MisterJetta says:

How can one not know this as an automotive journalist?! I can’t believe it..

Javan Holder says:

This is on my top ten list of supercars that are practical

PS2Gameplays says:

Jeremy Clarkson approved. This is a FUN car.

AnonymoussourceL0L says:

should we trade in our 2008 m3 for this?

EXSKIN says:

They did call it 1M, only auto express think different.

DaPlaystationBroHood says:

@Autoexpress the m1 was already built in the 90s that y they cant call it

Jonathan Wong says:

Calling it the M1 is something verryyy wrong. BMW didnt want to mix it up
with their first ever “M” car, the M1… lol

Nabil Ashmal says:

Awesomeness… Tick!

Nabil Ashmal says:

not including the M5…

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