BMW 1 Series M Sport : Car Review

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Close The 1 series has always been one of the more controversial members of the BMW range. From the launch of this rather unique five-door hatc…


Steve Laverick says:

Had the 120d m-sport, has to be one of the best cars Iv driven.

jose carlos fonseca says:

A BMW pode ser um bom, mas tem o pior auto-rádio
Quando está frio/noite o painel é legível e durante escurece e mal se lê

Ryan Tan says:

nice music…

m wey says:

I have exact model on a 10 plate in space grey owned it for over 18 months
handling is brilliant and is a drivers car. its a lot of fun. I get lots of
comments on how it looks how it preforms, £30 a year road tax and even die
hard petrol engine people say is it really a diesel?…if your careful you
will get good mpg but on the motorway you do tend to drive very keen…
this car will sit at 100 mph all day and will return 42 mpg if you stick to
60 to 70 looking around 50 to 60 mpg. as it sticks to the road in summer
months the downside i say is tyres! not cheap if you go run flat all the
time but also when BMW set it up too much positive camber on front burns
the outer edge out. the soloution is remove camber pins move struts over to
negitive and the whole thing changes! even more grip and the tyres last
longer! run flats and the suspension does feel like you hit a pot hole and
the car will snap in half. Apart from that.. All i say is buy one! If you
have an Audi A3 S Line TD sell it its too boring! looks great in blue or
the grey black hides the lines white…well is white 18″ rims look great
and handle well but prepare for a hard ride on bad roads and lots of money
in tyres. 17″ dont look so good but would be great if you want to hit the
DTC button and drift on roundabouts..

Truth says:

Very nice car. Brings the horns out :))

heyden sto says:

amazing car


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SirShizuka says:

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njdakin says:

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dd00hli says:

Great vids by the way.

jon quinlan says:

your a very angry man , get some help

Vladimir Jurišić says:

tnx for the video.. i am considering of getting one used.. exactly as this
one.. 118d with m sport package.. still thinking about how much i care
about the occasional back sit occupants and their space..


@dd00hli Many thanks! We appreciate the feedback.

dd00hli says:

What on earth is the co2 tax burden? Seems like an extra value added tax.
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niggettes says:

I have 120d m sport i m hapy nice car

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