BMW 1 Series Review – Fifth Gear Web TV

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The brand new version of BMW’s smallest car is not only bigger and faster than before, it can also connect to Twitter and Facebook using BMW’s ConnectedDrive…


Michael Tucker says:

Now you can have your Social Media fitted in your car.

Ozolz says:

LMAO half of the review is about the app function. Which I have and used
about 2 weeks then never again since its crap.

dibi203 says:

Fuck you

FL52OTR says:

+Sony supplies #Apple with their imaging sensors.

In other words, it’s shot using majority #Sony hardware.


TheEGGtech says:

So it appears that most of the comments seem to be about them using an
iphone to film this with…I think people are forgetting the point, so I
will too. The Sony Xperia S has a superior camera to all. I thought it was
a great review none-the-less, and if I had the money, I would go out and
buy one (probably the 150kw diesel though).

MrCosmin94 says:

on…what the F*** do you need somthin like this shit in your car?

MrPoooopro says:

i like the indicators around the mirrors bmw never put indicators on the
mirrors not even in there new 5series

Spotty1125 says:

@MoreBoingPlox I know. Now BMW is not quite as interesting as it used to be.

Marcelo Ignacio Montoya says:

cause the iPhones are the best phones ever made..that`s why.

Peter Sharpe says:

@mustsilm They’re trying to appeal to the youth market.

pdooling1 says:

Twitter is for twats

Lorenzo Locchi says:

i love BMW engines but humm….. am i the only person that think this is
the ugliest hothatch EVER MADE?

ivanzc11 says:


81giorikas says:

sleepy talking reviewer damn it! (Still better than that mutt on carbuyer
(call me auto@#$ss…)

AndersO1983 says:

It doesn’t look as good as the old 1-series – from the front, the profile
of the car is pretty much the same. But what a shame with that front…

AnyTechReviews says:

They are using the front facing VGA camera, of course it’s going to be
rubbish. The rear camera is arguably the best phone camera on the market.

Spotty1125 says:

I have no time to waste on a BMW. I will go and look at Mercedes-Benz.

Edward Reynolds says:

pretty sweet potato

rjussi says:

And nobody buys this car to carry 7 feet people around in the backseat.

a38racing says:

@Kikazqu218 Its not wrong side people drive on the left side in places
outside america in case you didnt notice

Chester Cristobal says:

I’ll definitely buy a car that drives not surf the net.. whatta stupid and
careless idea to surf the net while driving.. I don’t see the point of it..
**personal opinion**

mustsilm says:

I am sorry but why do i need twitter and facebook on a car? wth, i buy the
car to drive it.

James Tran says:

Its a the Cooper S engine dont know why he’s surprise.

Edoardo Gentili says:

your mother sucks

MacGyver920 says:

1. I don’t give a bloody shit about the camera. 2. the car isn’t ugly.

mnnh1 says:

ugly car for sure, but can’t argue with the performance!

CiganoBoxer says:

@anurek123 Why have a Galaxy when you can have an i-phone 4s ? picking a
smasung over apple is like picking a ford over a Mercedes hahaha

alper durmus says:


Matthew Melmo says:

N8 all the way

pdooling1 says:

Why on gods green earth do you need a car with twitter and Facebook?!!!!
soft your priorities out BMW

hhxlegacy says:

Don’t ever, ever do this again. (Use an iPhone to film a car review.)

ChinwaggingLid says:

Tweeting while your driving, really!?

nafets147 says:

Actually I prefer the version twitter is for twits.

Max Byrne says:

I like how they painted the side mirrors black, looks good!

johnvanos250 says:

bMW the ultimate douchemobile,dream car for ching chongs,7-11 indians and
smelly persians.

idiotzrule says:

fyi the drive performance control does not change the suspension at all,
just the throttle and steering map. Unless you have ordered the adaptive
suspension at an extra cost.

eddegoei says:

Its called a 1, that means for 1 person.who cares about the back….

MoreBoingPlox says:

@Spotty1125 That’s what my parents did. The C class all sported up is a
fantastic drive.

Adam R says:

Why would you need a car to access the internet?? WTF

Mad_Gains says:

@skinnysponge I also heard that you only drive handicap-transmission in the
US, is that true? (handicap-transmission = automatic cars)

jgvbadv says:

the rear looks like the vw polo.

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