BMW 1 Series Review: PowerDrift

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We review the BMW 1 series.The last of the rear wheel driven 1 series and the only available in this segment in India. In its five door, five seater hatchbac…


powerdriftofficial says:

We review the BMW 1 series.The last of the rear wheel driven 1 series and
the only available in this segment in India. In it’s five door, five seater
hatchback avatar it competes with the Mercedes-Benz A and the B class. How
does it fare? We find out..

powerdriftofficial says:

Thanks +jidu george !

Kevin McNaughton says:

You guys are awesome…keep up the good work.

Arshed Ak says:

Oh please ! ! Fed up saying OSM :P Awesome again :D 

Mehul Jain says:

You guys are simply amazing! another top notch review.

Ajay Kumaran says:

am the 1st to watch……….am a great an of u guys!!!!!11

WhyThisGameNow says:

I have to say that your director is a slow motion genius. Perfect angles
with perfect lighting, too good for a Car Review to be honest.

Asfaque Azeezullah says:

Awesome dude….Almost I have seen all the video of yours, Every video is
amazing, Having crispy review about the car. I became the dying fan of
Power Drift…i cant compare PD ,even with topgear..! The best ever review
i have seen about cars is yours….Thumbs Up dude..hats off to the team of
Powerdrift…:) (y) 

Amogh Kamat Tarcar says:

Brilliant slow motion shots… loved the review. A big thumbs up :)

Mohammed Abdul Mohsi says:

A powerfrift review of a red BMW horlthatch with not a single drift?? Why??
You seem to be struggling to make it drift. Its not hard. That attempt was
really pathetic..

On another matter. Maybe you should try doing drag comparos in your

Ramdas Devadiga says:

Practicality. This is how its supposed to be reviewed. Especially loved the
last 2 minutes.

anjan89R says:

Shame that u guys couldnt manage a decent drift…. Disappointed

Vishnu V says:

But you couldn’t drift it! :/

Kaushik Biswas says:

very nice car and awesome review!

soham chowdhury says:

Your reviews are always frank and not diplomatic like the others, this
review like all the others were delicious. Ten Hut you rock man! 

Shubhodeep Das says:

The last few minutes of this review is Spot on. It’s a lovely car that
would be excellent if it was a Petrol Motor with a Manual Shifter and Basic
Necessities like the Bluetooth connectivity from the Mid Variant. For
economy, space, boot space, I can always get a boring Jetta or Octavia. 

jidu george says:

subscribed to your channel! really loving ur reviews

ajay singh says:

+BMW 1Series | +powerdriftofficial Review 

gopi saran says:

Excellent Review…On par with International Car Reviews …Keep up the
good work guys…..

Justin Moncey says:

Like always…
A Powerfull review with a touch of Drift in it… :)

jatin shishodya says:

a good or a good car……………… of luck BMW………….

favuureeet says:

hello sir its a nice review
you have done review of all the eye catching car in india but where is the
review of xuv500 which got a better performance,milage and a good looking
suv that too first indian successful car 

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