BMW 1 Series Video Review – Kelley Blue Book

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FOR PRICING & SPECS ON THIS CAR VISIT: 2009 BMW 1 Series. It is common in the automotive world for cars to grow b…


Laweeze Morton says:

I’ve always liked this little car, but I think I’m going to like the 2 even

dhillskier75 says:

@harris3693 you can’t make any car reach 1000hp for 30-40k. plus it takes
years of tuning.

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

i think this car competes with the volvo c30 and the mini cooper


that really depends on how many people you usually have in your car. Id
suggest the 3 series if you usually are the one driving places and pick
people up and want alittle more interior space. Id recommend the 1 series
if your more performance oriented and have the occasional backseat
passengers. The 1 series is visually appealing to the eye as i like the
smaller shape BMW gave it, and nobody can denounce the fact that its
outright fast! for the price, to me, its worth it, and they hold value

palebeachbum says:

Once upon a time, BMW nomenclatures actually meant something. Now, they are
meaningless. The end.

vittoriostoraro says:

@Descartes619 WOW… SO clever. Too bad YOU can’t afford one : )

ar022296 says:

@harris3693 who cares about 1000 horsepoer? it’s not economical & it’s not
practical. you dont need to drive fast in a cheap mustang…. i have a
mustang but i’d take a bmw over a 1000 horsepower mustang anyday…………

Ken Weisbro says:

Are they going to start putting the 4 banger in the One series? As much as
everyone raves about its performance in the 3 series I can only imagine
what kind of package could be had on the One series. Any information?

LoveTheCity123 says:

My mother has a 2009 BMW 1 Series .. She lets me drive it sometimes and it
is awesome !

shawn RNS says:

does it come standarad with i drive or nav

Emzieroy says: my dream car. Ahhh!

therealWTFproduction says:

@abcman I’m not bashing Toyota, my family owns two japanese cars. My mom
owns an IS-F and has owned 3 Lexus’ before that, they are great cars! My
brother owns a GT-R that a great car two! If I had the money to, I would
have purchased a GT-R or a nice Lexus right off the bat. But I didn’t, so I
drove a bunch of cars and purchased this one because it had the best feel
and value. You can’t realize the true value of a BMW until you’ve owned one
for awhile, you should know.

PuppetKing says:

What is the point of having those useless backseats anyway? Just so BMW can
add more more cost to the 1 series? They are just ridiculous.

No says:

The idrive is a $2000 optional features even on the 135 trim. Don’t waste
your time with the 128. Get the 135 for the better engine and features. I
bought a 135 last year and I love it. I’ve driven alot of cars, and this is
by far the most fun commuter car I’ve had. I look forward to the drive to
and from work every day.

therealWTFproduction says:

….that is a bold claim

DatFriedChicken says:

@therealWTFproduction i agree with you. I think the 1 series looks amazing.
and this guy says he has a 2004 325xi….. not gunna lie but the old model
bmws look ugly nowadays. but your family has some pretty nice cars! Mine
only has an is250, a S5 and a c300 >.< looking forward to getting a 1 series for me though!

MiloYellowknee says:

I feel like a DB driving it to work everyday. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

LoveTheCity123 says:

My father went and got the 2011 BMW 135i Convertible a few days ago. It is
an amazing car! I get to drive it around the city and it most certainly is
a eye catcher. I love it!

tootsiejoon says:

No, youre a moron, a moron sucker

Zachy pottamkulam says:


vittoriostoraro says:

@Descartes619 Also, what does “1 Series will be laughed at” mean ? Can you
even form a coherent sentence ? The 135 has been almost universally praised
as a great drivers car. Do you know anything but your own stunted,
uninformed opinions ?

djkasdjkasdjdjdj says:

yeah, i’ll go with your opinion…. the 120d looks fun to drive

torogami2 says:

still waiting for the bmw 1/2 series

jad921 says:

its not a 3.5 liter engine its actually a 3.0l twin turbo engine that bmw
gave the confusing name of 135i

vittoriostoraro says:

@Descartes619 E-mail me back when you get some manners and some life
lessons you Fucking CHILD.

Prenty52 says:

…then most Canadians wouldn’t know shit from clay unless they are women
or young nerdy chinese boys with spiked are talking about one of
the all time iconic performance sports coupes ever made, with sensational
handling and brakes to match the great straight six engine.

Forshbr04 says:

@KELLERKIND921610 No diesels in the US :-(. We only get the coupe version
with either the 3-liter in the 128i (230bhp) or the 3-liter turbo in the
135i (300bhp).

Persian Pride says:

in Canada i quoted one going for 56,000$ CAD which is same dollar as us.
the nisan 370z was cheaper and faster so i went for that, even though i
still like the 135i its not worth the cash.

spikeyeyerish says:

@bewd6797 Only Car in Its class (rwd compact)

TheNumberOne Page says:

Not really; it’s not like she’s tracking it.

ScLeCo says:

You’re a moron who completely misses the point.

Draxindustries1 says:

Superb car and just ordered one. Nothing comes even close to german
engineering. That premium badge says it all and rises far above any so
called competition..

earthmaster says:

sigh.. dumbass KBB its 3 liter inline 6.

Ricky Anthony says:

@Baltahfeek If your pretty set on getting a bmw then the 3 series or 1
series is the way to go. in my opinion bmw has now become a status symbol
more than a good car.(dont get me wrong. I have used a lot of cars my dad
being in the business) but there are a whole lot of other options to look
into as well. Private message me if I can help you with anything

gamarovitch says:

This car would be absolutely perfect if it came with XDrive, I’m living in
Canada and with the winter driving conditions we get six months a year, a
rear wheel drive car is not the best way to go, unless you just use it for
the other three seasons.

bramblecino says:

one of the best bimmers ever IMO. I’d love to have one but I’d feel like
such a douchbag driving it……oh well

Roland P says:

its a coupe get the 3 series if you want a sedan . me im folden the rear
seats flat so i can have more trunk space when i need it, excellent coupe .
a true bmw and any loyal bmw fans or owners shouldnt bash this car…. :/

vittoriostoraro says:

@sksakm14 Since YouTube will not allow links, I will copy and paste the
headline of one of many pieces, this one from Car and Driver: (Look it Up)
“2011 BMW 1-series Updated with Single-Turbo N55 Inline-6, Dual-Clutch
Transmission – Car News The 1-series menu now includes a new engine, a new
transmission, and—hooray!—free leather upholstery”

vittoriostoraro says:

@bewd6797 Most people with any knowledge or intelligence agree : )

vittoriostoraro says:

@DaveMoneyquantrilly What a useless, pointless, childish comment.

Hrag Yaghjian says:

your voice is annoying

Kranbone says:

@JuggleAddict I carry passengers. Most compact cars have seating for people
in the rear where they are allowed to have legs.

harris3693 says:

@BlastDance but for most people, insurance is a big factor, remember, You
only pay for the car once, but you keep on paying monthly for the car to
keep it on the road.

jredd84 says:

djkasdjkasdjdjdj,how could a 300 horsepower 135 compete with a volvo c30 or
a mini cooper?there’s just no competetion there the bmw is in a higher
league.I used to own a cooper S and now I have a 1 series.While I preferred
the stiff go-kart like handling of the cooper S,the 1 series is a tenacious
performer with great acceleration that beats a porsche cayman’s track
times.How could a cooper or volvo compete with that?The 135 is even
slightly faster than an M3!Come on dude, don’t be such an idiot

mellilore says:

The girl at the drive sucks: she’s handling the wheel in very dangerous way
(1:14 and 4:01)… yet I could forgive her…

bewd6797 says:

This is more geared towards the clc than the slk.

vittoriostoraro says:

@Descartes619 16 year olds ? In that case I guess you are just the right
age (mentally anyway) NOW if only you could come up with $40,000 plus…

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