BMW 2 Series Active Tourer at the Geneva Motor Show 2014

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The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is the first FWD model from the company, revealed at the Geneva show. Read more: Subscribe to our YouTub…


Chrstian mrclep says:

Lol Matt dotsing that old man…. :)

Christopher O'Grady says:

BMW are a great car maker but have been taking the piss in recent years
with trying to make a car for every single possible variant of human. It
would be much better if they stuck to their primary target market of keen
drivers. All their range needs is a couple of saloons (3 series and 5), a
few coupes (2,4,6), one SUV (X5) and ONE practical hatchback (1 series).
All this recent bullshit with the hatchbacks (2AT, 3GT, 5GT) and a million
small SUVs (X1, X3, X4), is just sullying their bloodline. As a driver of a
BMW I don’t want to be in the same club as those who need an MPV, a premium
sports brand should be more exclusive than this.

They’ve been doing the same thing with mini, why are there 8 different
fucking mini models?

Sometimes you need to accept that you aren’t going to appeal to everybody
and their sister, focus BMW! We all know restaurants with 10 killer dishes
is always better than a chinese with numbers hitting 4 digits.

UzzyFuzzyy says:

4 series gran coupe is lovely!

Speedybeef says:

This guy really loves messing with other geneva showgoers!

day3002 says:

so bossy :)

Armindo Ribeiro says:

I still can’t understand how BMW could call this a “2 series”. Besides
having very few similarities with the 2 series coupé, models with even
numbers are meant to be coupés. I’d say the name is the stupidest thing
about the car, I don’t bother that much with the rest.

anish4 says:

The grand coupe is a pointless model, just buy the bloody 5 series. Bmw
needs to stop mirroring Audi and their plethora of cars named after paper

MrDodobmw says:

Ok,I’ve got nothing against BMW putting turbochargers on their engines,I’ve
got nothing againt Xmodel M cars ,or diesel M performance things….but
this has to stop. I understand it’s marketing and trying to fill every
niche,but FRONT WHEEL DRIVE in a BMW??????????????????? Even Renault is
going for RWD in the new Twingo :| ,so what’s this all about?

Highly Porsche says:

God that car is hideous

TurWack says:

wtf is bmw doing? keep it simple and stop adding more series

1seipai says:

One word sums up that car : horrendous! :-( 

kullsyreholdig01 says:

As a BMW fanboy I can confirm – that is horrid! If you are in the market
for a front wheel drive mini-van you have clearly lost the will to live (or
at the very least the will to drive interesting cars), why bring the BMW
badge down in the dirt with that kind of customer…!?

Kev50027 says:

Why on earth would the 2.0 petrol put out so much more power than the same
engine in the Cooper S? Is it the same engine? 

peacegod101 says:

It may not have any true “excitement” to it but for what it is, it’s great,
it’s fairly stylish, it’s fairly luxurious, great car

MarksmanGamingVideos says:

Awesome video, Really Funny.

Seems like a good car

irmscher9 says:

hujaraban ahidzhuj!

Seb Design says:

Maaannnn that side profile is ugly!

Casey McCann says:

Great review Mat. However this van should not be called a 2 Series. Should
be a 1 series and why oh why FWD? 

urceyes says:

FF for BMW is no longer a BMW! OMG

Yell Cris says:

Fugly both of em

gullyrounere says:

Hmmm…bmw transit van..superb…does it come in white with a ladder rack?

david rabbi mathebula says:

machines…oneday they will rule us but for now we are still in
control.wish I could say the same for women too…you know

killkaveh says:

2 series mini van

Javon K says:


NVerkris says:


Mark says:

0:38 nice soft plastic :-)

James Crowley says:

Front wheel drive Bmw The engineers who developed this car should hang
their heads in shame. Bmw has always and should always be rear wheel drive

mickey spikey says:


Mihai Danielescu says:
carbiify says:

This, along with the MINI, and X series BMW’s, are the reason why they
brought Rover on the cheap. To gain all that FWD / 4WD engineering

daniusun says:

Matt you are great!!

Sanpedranoazul says:

Much better looking than the weird-looking Mercedes B Class. Looks fun too!

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