BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV 2014 review – Carbuyer

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Carbuyer says:

We’ve driven BMW’s first ever front-wheel drive car, and its first ever

Leonaristo says:

Good to see that BMW finally makes and launches front-wheel-drive MPV,
though it’s a bit late, and they gave this lucrative segment to other
manufacturers for years! Since they made the fun-filled front-wheel-drive
MINI for over a decade, no doubt the 2 Series Active Tourer should perform
well ahead of the others. Plus, BMW is still making rear-wheel-drive models
like 3, 5, 7 Series, etc., it’s perfectly right to make a front-wheel-drive
model, hitting sales, gaining profit for making their other
rear-wheel-drive products Series much more exciting.

Sandouras says:

Who the hell buys an MPV? How bored do you have to be with yourself and
your life to buy one? 

Jonny Oliveira says:

*FWD BMW? just NO*…. How Cool would have been a RWD MPV doing some
drifts in roundabouts?

kr0pp says:

As a BMW-fan, I’m very disappointed that such a car was ever made. Why
didn’t they use one of their sub-brands like Mini or Rover or whatever to
create the MPV. Double-kidney grille, double round LED headlights and low
stance should NEVER be part of any MPV. I feel like this particular model
has degraded all BMWs to some extent.

ERIC K. says:

Looks like more a failed redesign of the 1st B-Class.

LJ Sobers says:

Comment below on what your favorite looking car is. i need some ideas.

Randy Orton says:


dickson lee says:

prefer the b class or the golf sportsvan more 

Ads Cordite says:

This reminds me to much of the previous Merc A Class… its not nice 

TheOp7master says:

the only and first ugly bmw

Pavle Milićević says:

+Zachar Zawadzki Hej, tutaj jest dobry przykład długości filmiku vs ilośc
informacji. Szybko, dynamicznie i na temat. Mam nadzieję, że zainspiruje i
niedługo będziemy oglądać coraz to lepsze testy od Ciebie.

Ioanides001 says:

BMW used to be synonym with RWD cars made for driving pleasure. They were
quite exclusive and expensive and very desirable. Now BMW is synonym to
whatever car for everyone and his brother… That’s not very inspirational
and will lead to compete on the same market as french and korean companies.
Good luck with the race to the bottom!

Kristián Kopáčik says:

BMW they’ve got to be kidding: they make a FWD MPV and then leave a
transmission tunnel for 4WD availability? WHY didn’t they make it RWD from
the beginning then? Why, when it’s technically possible with this body and
chassis? Jesus.

mazinais31 says:

jesus christ that pillar is insane… so how does this compare to the golf
sports (van?) family thing? (forgot the name)

3+3camper says:

KIA Carens looks so much better…

FrightfulAccountant says:

This car just aint no true BMW…
1) It’s front wheel drive
2) It has the sex appeal of the previous gen Vauxhall Minerva
3) ‘Real’ BMWs from the 60s, 70s and 80s had interiors that reminded of a
jet fighter cockpit, not of an Ikea livingroom!

anaconda118 says:

BMW Rwd = call the AA in the snow, the ultimate fuck up machine.

warren6815 says:

I don’t understand why manufacturers (Audi, Mercedes, etc) are starting to
stick their infotainment/sat nav screens on the dash like that. Looks like
an afterthought to me.

MrJosheaFilmz says:

No guys, this isn’t a ripoff of the B-class or anything. BMW was mixing a
Kia Carens with cocaine inside.

Tuddec says:

It doesn’t compete with the Citroën C4 Picasso, it competes with the
Mercedes B Class, and VW Golf Sportsvan. The C4 Picasso is much bigger. 

Ccleanerable says:

Boring, unreliable and expensive.

2014andBeyonD says:

Oh.. I see BMW had sex with a European Ford..

INUMIMI28 says:

If it’s my money, I’d buy B-Class, because your friends be like…
Merc B-Class→”Oh you bought a B-Class, that’s nice”

cockshield says:

Absolute bag of shite!

Doesn’t even look like a BMW from the side.

azlan mahmud says:

Which car doesnt come with reverse sensor as standard anyways? Now its all
around cameras that should be a standard feature

Larry Adjei says:

Looks awful 

Yippie says:

It’s the BMW One 2 many. Matt, push it off a cliff to put it out of it’s

Fizzy Mind says:

BMW desperately making pointless cars to compete with other car
manufacturers .
Don’t be surprise if you see BMW MOBILE PHONES in near future

Jon Zak says:

If you’re looking for a MPV, why not get a BMW at least. 

kirbyswarp says:

Parking sensors come standard for a reason. Because soccer moms who can’t
drive for shit will buy these, and since it’s a BMW, automatically lowered
driving skills.

pedrof830 says:

Will this come to the States?


I think it looks like a big hatchbag rather than a proper mpv

147NITRO says:

just why just WHY BMW driving car i need car alike like this ill buy B
class or some shit WHY BMW WTF never listen to marketing always listen to

C3ByAx says:

From ultimate (rear/all-wheel) to not-so ultimate (front wheel). Shame of
you, BMW!

Robbert P says:

if I want a FWD 4 door MPV… ill buy japanese…

Ballouk Salim says:

BMW changed the automatic gearbox looks ! The previous one was waaay better
! This one looks pretty old though ! 

Damiano De Fiore says:

The C4 Picasso, in my opionion, is much much better than this Bmw. Bmw
can’t make real mpv that looks good… This ugly and unconfortable.

Callum McInerney says:

I’ve got the perfect nickname for it – The 2AT.

Skyler91 says:

I think this is the real innovation for BMW, not the M4 or the M235i.

(don’t get me wrong, they’re excellent cars, but there’s nothing “new”
there :p)

Philip Kindblad says:

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!! New vedio!!!!!

Zach Payne says:

Seems like a good car, but the French cars are the best in this segment.
They just do MPVs better than the rest. Citroen C4 Picasso for me please.

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