BMW 2 Series Active Tourer previewed by What Car? readers

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The BMW 2 Series Active Tourer represents many firsts for BMW – it’s its first MPV and first front wheel drive car. See what our readers thought of it. Subsc…


hyylo says:

people should wait for the Tesla Model X

Master_Hector says:

We just need the Audi A2 now

MysleZe says:

Looks like some Opel, Kia or Hyundai – BMW don’t go this way!

xanderxenius says:

A BMW does not pull on the front wheels. 

Deano C says:

I like how people will pay the premium for this over a C4 Picasso. The
Picasso is better looking, cheaper, probably better to drive, and probably
just as well built…

But it has the “wrong” badge. Urgh.

puff0086 says:

rich bastartds ….

VTECheart says:

M SUV’s, simulated engine noise, and now front wheel drive…

ali demir says:

The best German car is the mercedes s class the audi a8L and bmw 7 serise 

Alberto Benelli says:

Well, frankly I believe this one is going to be really a B-class killer ! A
many small SUV-killer too ! Great looking car .

Adam Hussey says:

Love it and 1st comment ❤️❤️

Hamada nori says:

bmw x4 please

Rob Klukowski says:

unsubscribed because of forced commercials. good luck!

Daniel S says:

This is fine. Nothing wrong with FWD in this car. What the shit is the
point of RWD in a car like this? nothing. Especially for the target market
in Britain where snow doesn’t help RWD’s case at all

quatters says:

All these people are horrible, horrible people and should never go near a

PhantomTD says:

I own a 1-series RWD 120d. I have not problem with it during wintertime..
oh, and I live in Norway, so we are used to snow!

Gábor Dr. Németh says:

I think the B-class packs more style. 

utubecomment21 says:

Modern version of Merc A-Class 2nd gen, now that the new A-class has gone
from mini MPV to saloon car.

abramburel11 says:

with some proper tires you can use the rear wheel drive bmw in winter…

Lee-harry C says:

And how many options are on this car? All of them yes… That’s why it’s so

HesteBremse says:

For an MPV it´s well resolved, but a little too boring IMO. As a BMW it´s
difficult to relate to, but yea well it´s quite understandable that BMW
wan´t a bite of that market. Somehow I actually find this better in it´s
own way that the GT series – but do I desire it?, do I want one? – it´s
both a No. It´s just another everyday family car and it does not tick any
car enthusiastic boxes – I would rather have an i3, at least that car has a
statement and does not look like anything else.

Ian Townsend says:

It was only a matter of time before bmw sold a mpv, but if I had to buy a
mpv I’d take the Ford Smax good looking for mpv & drives like a car, I’d
take a 3 or 5 series estate over this 

Ian Townsend says:

This car will sell like hot cakes, but do I like it nope 

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