BMW 2 Series Convertible. Official Launchfilm.

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Discover the first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible with the official launchfilm. Here you can see more beautiful driving scenes of the car. Dont’t miss the fil…


BMW says:

The first-ever BMW 2 Series Convertible is all about Sheer Driving
Pleasure. But then you’d expect nothing less.

leeyang1990 says:

The whole point of this video is you have to own a BMW to own a girl

isiattie says:

Great car. Great song.

But it’s not Darude is it? Can’t find the song.

With sandstorm I get an old dance song.


Mark Hansen says:

who ever made this add knows my thoughts and my ideal image of owning a bmw

bubins says:

Bmw created a masterpiece! Its about sharing special and intense
experiences through the car, but avoiding banality. Well done Bmw!

Hooumeri says:

I think the obvious question to ask here is why on earth would the license
plate be German if they’re in Murica?

Роман Великодный says:


ReventadorLP1500-2 says:

I guess the song was specially made by BMW? Can’t find it via google-ing
the lyrics.

Taylor Chambers says:

BMW launch films are filled with miserable music. I’m sorry BMW marketing
division, I love my 3; I hate your sound selection.

DesiGuy3000 says:

What the background song?

Mark Matthews says:

…aaaaand then he wakes up. haha

Seriously though, killer ad. It seems to look slightly more aggressive than
the coupe, the rear definitely looks better than the coupe at least – next
big seller for sure.

On the lighter side:
1. I wonder if she was a Tinder date lols.
2. Does she come with the car “oh you!”
3. During the week does he work at a salon? 



Bamed Jons says:

Schöne Werbung, aber ich versteh nicht ganz die Beziehung zwischen den
beiden Hauptakteuren (nach dem Auto natürlich). Die beiden treffen sich,
machen den ganzen Tag was miteinander, sind augenscheinlich ein Paar, aber
küssen sich nicht. Meiner Meinung nach hätte das dem Werbefilm einen Tick
mehr Lebensgefühl gegeben, wenn es eine Art Happy End gäbe, also ein
Kuss..klar soll hier das Auto präsentiert werden, dennoch verstehe ich
nicht ganz die Botschaft der Werbemacher. Anscheinend hat sich die Frau in
das Auto verliebt und der Mann wurde gefriendzoned ?! Bitte helft mir
weiter, BMW-Team! 

Artis Putans says:

Great ;) anyone knows the song?

NewBPure says:

Girl over the BMW all day

BMW of Escondido says:

What will your story be? The all-new #BMW 2-Series convertible will unveil
at the Paris Auto Show, opening today.

Matúš Šimek says:

yes, again BMW show new model… It looks like another BMW…series
1,2,3,4.5,6,7 …. BMW-can u suprise me ? nope..

Valon Selimaj says:

i wish life was that nice 

Andrius Rumskas says:

Great ad. Nice targeting 

Governised says:

Driver more realistic in this one

Jamil Aslanov says:

Somebody knows what the name of this song? Shazam – fail.

Justin Spancer says:

what a cheesy commercial

Leticia Vela says:

It’s a Top Down kind of day in #MyrtleBeach…check out the Launch film for
the first ever #BMW2Series Convertible.


I vant to do that

Andrey Nosatîi says:

Elegant,powerful,fast – BMW 2 series !

Dj Vsal says:

what’s the song name played in the video???

Антон Садков says:

ММММ!!! Сказка!!! … и машина сказочная!!!

Alexander Kravchenko says:

В общем, все поняли мысль.Тачка, чтобы цеплять тёлочек)

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