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Bob Cena says:

Am I the only one who watches these reviews just because of the girl?

Theo Harrison says:

My mam has just got one of these as a work car and she doesn’t like it.

alzym1 says:

Does the car come with her ?

Kamel Camel says:

i watch these videos waiting for her to pull out those bananas!

Mladen Ilic says:

amazing ass :)

Rohit Pagare says:

Rebecca has changed a lot! I think she appears more serious these days. :o

William Ferry says:

The new 2 series is similar to the 1980′s early 3 series.. I drove many
early E30 M3′s and I can assure you that there isn’t a lot of difference to
this car.
I would buy this with my own money.. no problem.

YouBocaj67Tube says:

The One and the Two series are looking quite small…(Dinkey toy) a proper
bmw starts at the 3 series!

OneOfOne says:

she has nice legs and she knows it. the car however is an expensive turd

Yippie says:

I’m waiting for BMW to come out with the “One Too Many” Series. It should
be any day now. 

dynaco says:

Yes! The 3 & 4 series are getting too big. Next car after I retire my e46
is one of these 2s.

SuperSayanFitness says:

makes it feel grown up? ITS A NEW SERIES 

ray britton says:

I watch her videos for all the wrong reasons.

fikes73 says:

South of France with Rebecca in a BMW, sounds just about perfect

JJspitfiremk9 says:

The person who designs the front of bmws is one talented guy. The person
who designs the backs seriously needs to get there eyes tested. Wow it’s
ugly at the back. 

bikephil says:

Wow, those curves are beautiful. And that rear end looks so tight and
curvy…the car isn’t bad either.

Moby Dick says:

I think this should be your personal car, Rebecca. You look good driving

BrownKow100 says:

I’d prefer vw golf r 

Lewis72 says:

I can’t see why people worry so much about fuel consumption, I just put
more fuel in.

Jag XE is out soon :-)

Leo Phan says:

This car only missing sunroof and it will be perfect !

Fire Penguin Disco Panda says:

Rebecca, why are you always so beautiful, Rebecca?

Frank Sandqvist says:

Is it just me or would this car look a lot better as a fastback? The
saloon/coupe shape looks weird when it’s so short and stubby

FiredEmpire says:

BMW’s diesel engines sound terrible.
I would consider buying a BMW with a diesel engine in it if I went deaf in
both ears.

mrbigtime81 says:

VW scirocco is more fun to drive?

Simon Knight says:

Does it come as a 1.6 diesel? Or 1.6 petrol?

UzzyFuzzyy says:

cant wait for the M2 VERSION

Tuddec says:

So the only downside is the noise of the Diesels. I like noise. It sounded
good for a diesel…

Rolf Claes says:

I wanna go on a roadtrip down the south of France, even on foot.

Vicko Seno Saden says:

Mercedes GLA Review please.

SnazzyCH1 says:

I always but my bananas in the glove box…where else would they
go???!!!??? :)

AST DrWings says:

She is gorgeous!

Farhan Hussain says:

Please review the vw golf r

Sahil Asre says:

It’s amazing how bland a BMW can look without sport styling. 

Narrowc ross says:

MB CLA is not a coupe

Property Of September says:

Solid review!

M9A5P says:

And definetely one of the best reviews :)

AK says:

You should have reviewd the M235i instead !

mrbufon says:

I love this girl <3

Enrico Cecchetto says:

I love this car…!!

Pedro Macedo says:

i would say it competes with a3 sedan and CLA

Adam Leask says:

Think the wheels on this car would be a real pain to try and keep clean.

S1DZ0M8Y says:


Nice little car too 

Mustafa AlShishani says:

Summer is coming

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