BMW 2 Series Coupe vs Mercedes-Benz CLA vs Audi A3 Saloon video 1 of 4

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Mark is moving up in the world and wants a sleek, executive car to replace his rather dowdy Golf with something that’ll impress both his colleagues and his s…


kopolojoyono says:

I really hope Audi could be more sporty!

Laweeze Morton says:

Those Toyota Yaris lookin’ wheels on the Audi are just too funny..

Max Gafa says:

When you drive audi merc and bmw back to back you could only choose a BMW
yes Audi and merc might be more stylish but bmw is a drivers car you feel
much more connected and satisfied :) 

S Miller says:

Unless you were looking for the top of the range one which I would get the
CLA 45, I would say the BMW is the best

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