BMW 2 Series M235i Review: Is it worthy of an M badge?

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BMW has made a 2 Series. More importantly it’s made a high performance version of its 2 Series — the M235i. This bad boy, while not a proper ‘M2′, is a semi…


TheMusicFan1297 says:

You really are a very good presenter, keep that up 

Londonsfresh Prince says:

3rd gear in that monkey … cannot be defined. 

James Lewis says:

I enjoy this guy’s review style. He isn’t trying to be ultra-technical like
Chris Harris, and I like that. More of a driving footage with light hearted
commentary than a balls-to-the-walls in-depth review. Breath of fresh air.
Good on ya, mate. Keep it up.

Bachar Halabi says:

A45 AMG is best in class sorry

Bachar Halabi says:

nice front shit back end

Chris Taketa says:

Not designed to please proper ///M clientele. These are for those who
cannot afford to play with the big boys. It is a great car in itself.

Tires are great thanks to Michelin PS. Warm or cold.

Wrong on the competition… More like an S3 or CLA 45.

John Stramiello says:

This guys a natural at reviews

PS Warrior says:

You just got a new subscriber! Keep the good work bro! And would also love
to get this car :D

CCFerrariF1 says:

I love this guys sense of charisma.. Good shit Rory

Lee Barlow says:

Great review, and as James said, great style. Just lose that bg music! :)

carlos vides says:

Best review that I’ve seen!!

cheechforprez says:

Rory, I’ve been looking at both the 235i and the Leon Cupra 280. Now the
235i is bordering on hot hatch and I’ve a test drive next week to see for
myself but are you able to provide a comparison between them? 

MrTmass21 says:

When The New Mercedes C-Class W205 Comes To The UK In June Be Sure To
Review It Please Rory And Make Sure It’s An AMG Line Please, Would Be Most

Ahmed Yehia says:

Sweet review keep up the good work :)

Eddie Bowers says:

Great review! Saw one in the flesh on Thursday at a prelaunch. I want one!!

Sandile Sibiya says:

Good review boss

Kyle Chen says:

Love the way this guy reviews cars. Subbed!

Yi Ji says:

Nice car! Thanks for the fantastic review

Asl s says:

Great review. But thing is that these 2 series all have turbo. Turbo is
high/costly maintenance once out off warranty and turbo always fail. Glad I
still have my straight inline v6 e36. The 128i is also a good car with no
turbo to avoid visiting bmw maintenance department. 

Bo Vorachack says:

New subscriber:)

Francisco Berridi says:

Wow one of the most fun and cool reviews I ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot,
thanks !!

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