BMW 2 Series review – is the M235i the new E36 M3?

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The new BMW 2 Series replaces the old 1 Series Coupe – and the new M235i model reminds us of the classic E36 BMW M3. Read more: Subscri…


ForTehNguyen says:

the front looks better than the M3/M4

Robert Olejnik says:

That fingerprint! ;)

anto d says:

I am just gona say it……its ugly.

NikoBell12 says:

I don’t like the rear and the front fascia is okay, but I do like this car.
I wish they sold the m135i hatchback in the states though, because I’d
prefer that. Also, they could have done a better job on their cars
dashboards. So far, only the 5, 6, and 7 have good looking dashboards in my

814gt says:

Boy racer flashy. Translation – a car that looks like 18 year olds what to
race along side a wrx. Both great cars mind you! It is better looking that
the last one – that’s not saying much. 

Damien W says:

Great review!

UzzyFuzzyy says:


benzfen says:

Please don’t use M3 name because it it a legend!
this is just good series 2!

kezboy1 says:

the car seems fantastic. In terms of looks, the front and side profile look
great. But for whatever reason, I can’t get over the rear of the car. It
just looks bad IMO.

Johnny Wrong says:

I’d rather have the 1 series M, the REAL successor to the E36 M3.


What happened to the front ends of BMWs ?

Martin Bang Olesen says:

whats wrong with that hand?

FlorosChannel says:

Nice vid…

814gt says:

Looks like BMW is having a plastic vent party on the front. Design is
strange. Want to like it, but it is more boy racer flashy than stylish. 

john doe says:

Meh, i guess with the 360 break HP I was expecting something a little more.

onesixr says:

What watch is that?

pilotmonkey says:

Synthesized sound, sacrilege. 

Raymund Umali says:

I don’t remember an E36 M3 being turbo and have no lsd. Just save your
money and push for the new M3/M4. 

Lenwood Cruze says:

bmw is just pumping out these pointless “fashion accessory” cars.

vic lam says:

Looks like shit

northfulton92 says:

I completely agree:) It does look much better than the

Adam Doodad says:

Got in a 220i the other day and was amazed to see a modern BMW with proper
support for your knee (against centre console) when you are using the foot
rest. There was an actual padded bit of trim down there, was pleasantly

Phil Jones says:

Man, that reviewer clearly have a huge lack of automotive knowledge.
Irritated me so much I had to write it here…

Ben Nizar says:

M135i looks kinda better… I don’t like the rear


The small m in the front fender looks so small that its out of place…
looks better without it ;almost ridiculous;

[oGod]thekeybearer says:

as nice of a car it is and few new bimmers do appeal to me however old
skool bimmers > new bimmers ;) E36 for me

ki flex says: it just me ..or the fan boyz… just don’t like hearing this
..all BMW,S of late look the same ..i cant tell them this a
1/2/3/5 or 4 series?..

Ayrton Atif says:

Not long for the M2.. that would be a beast a proper one.

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