BMW 2 Series Review

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At BMW, the number 2 has denoted the presence of a supremely sporting driving experience in a compact two-door car for over 45 years — ever since the introd…


John Kim says:

Who the fuk designed this? Its face and whole body doesnt match. Designer
copy n pasted 5series’ face

vitto says:

Instead of reducing the front they decided to chop the rear, less expensive
for them.

Walter Black says:

Terrible. I’d rather have a WRX.

WhiteKnight says:

BRILLIANT – my next car!!

3333glen says:

I wanted a review, not a BMW ad. Tout the sound? Its probably another one
where they put engine sound thru the radio to pretend to have good engine
sound. Shame on BMW. A 2002 owner would cringe.

salar shojaei says:

whats the deal with shot of the shoe ? Ughhhh Eww with those disgausting
socks , the car looks like the 3 series from the side and 1 series from the
front views !! i dont get is BMW playing with the names? i wouldnt be
surprise if the call the 6 grand coupe the 8 series starting next week !!

Kaya Acfalle says:

The quality of this video is phenomenal!

Dacota Necrus says:

Very cool car

charles ingles says:

Looks like bmw did a number 2
Same old boring p.o.s.

Paris Malaspinas says:

omg wtf is wrong with bmw? same interior same front design, everythings
same…pff come one i really like bmw

wparo says:

OK we get it, it’s a fucking nice car 

Vern B says:

If this is truly an enthusiasts/drivers car than who gives 2 shits about
that slushbox automatic transmission, the wife? She can get her own car.
Long live the stick!

Chris Probst says:

1m is better. I’ll wait for Clarkson’s review.

Aaron Su says:

Redesign the tail lights and im sold

vic lam says:

Let’s see how many cars Bmw makes are disgustingly ugly.

1 series
2 series
5 series GRan turisimo
7 series

Mike Abuhatoum says:

I had a 3 series, 5 series, and now an X5 and the new 2 series might be the
one for me next year!! I love it, and quite frankly I love anything BMW
makes!! The best ever, and for those who disagree I will see good for you,
drive whatever you want but do not attack others taste dude.

Ninad Ganore says:

He talks like v haven’t seen a launch control system,by d way u r d last 1
to adopt it,and u r gonna be crushed under audi

Bobby A says:

Same old body design. Nothing new but the series numbering. Same old bland

zak anthony says:

another rattle box

Dennis Conway says:

The first guy in the video was driving an automatic with both feet! Here in
California, I’m pretty sure that is illegal. It is very dangerous and I
call anyone who does it a POOR DRIVER!

fergrjls says:


chicolatinochevere says:

The back of the car is small ,ugly and old.4 series is the best option.

heredotrecayi says:

what an accent

chicolatinochevere says:

BMW 435i x Drive automatic, 0-60 miles in only 4.7 seconds .Go to the
official page BMW USA.

bmw racer says:

BMW seems to have some kind of aversion to giving the driver a full set of
gauges… It needs coolant and oil temp/pressure gauges.

ornithoptere7 says:

They should fire the designer, elegance my ass

thej065 says:

What is the big deal with the launch control? So many cars already have

SPQR101010 says:

too big and boring design, what happened to the amazing 1 series coupe

ExitosoV says:

I feel the car gets more expensive with every word the guy in the white
jacket says.

bmw racer says:

I’ll take a manual tranny, please.

takeshi indei says:


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2011wrxswp says:

They say enthusiast car but talk about how it looks rather than engine
specs and performance…

F RD says:

My 1 series coupe is now worthless! yay!

blackchang1981 says:

The 2 real questions….Does it come in Manual transmission (sadly,
probably not)? And how much?

роман абрамович says:


HalfBreedMix says:

For $44K I’d rather get a Infiniti Q60 AWD.

posro1988 says:

4:41 do rear wheels seem smaller or am I crazy?

Gianluca Vittori says:

220d thats what i need

thej065 says:

Looks so dated…

19PSIWRX says:

@Aldwin the 435i xdrive with the 8 speed auto will hit 60 in 4.7 per BMW.
RWD and manual cars are between 5 and 5.3

Ausgezeichnet says:

“Coops” … reminds me of “croup”

Ahmed Shabrawy says:

your 1 series looks far more better on the rear along with the tail lights :)

João Pedro Füchter says:

Smaller car,less weight

роман абрамович says:

i need 3 sec. from 0-100 model !

Aldwin Christian Lacuesta says:

0-100kmh in 4.8sec? 4-series runs 0-100 in 5.5sec. Is the 2series faster
than the 4series? Someone pls confirm this

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