BMW 3 Active Hybrid F30 – acceleration 0-250 km/h

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Filip Sandberg says:

you rev it too high. peak power is at 6000 idiots…

Hubert Muda says:

je la veux !

Tim Vogeser says:

For some of you…
The Word Hybrid doesn’t say efficient. A Hybrid could also be a car where
an electric engine is used to gain more power…and then, as you might see,
it makes sence, although in a different way

Francesco Da Lio says:

Great performance !

Özgün Demir says:

engine sounds so nice

patthon lim says:

look if you want to get economy u suggest diesel kia sonata 1.8d much more
efficient the point of the car is to have maintain the 335i performance a
great car while reducing fuel consumption true a prius or a kia might be
less frugle but this car hits 60 in half the time with less with more then
half of its mpg 

reretamiya says:

Since when is a 300 bhp+ 3-series with a piddling PP3 battery in the
dashboard any kind of “Hybrid”? It has a 2.5 mile range. Lol.

Nattanon Sinlavat says:

250km/h :)

mrzkhan1 says:

The point is, you can have all the great performance out of a BMW with
300BHP and when you are not thrashing it, you can have the economy of
something like a 320ed which is still a great car!

carmatazz says:

I mean, BMW take us to the future!

max says:


Anthony McLeod says:

Looks slower.

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