BMW 3 Series GT hatchback 2013 review – CarBuyer

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Zan Küntlich says:

I want to:
a) ride in this car
b) bury my face in Mat’s arse

Bertus Nel says:

Isn’t this Matt’s car?

bg1379 says:

Doesn’t this essentially compete with the X1?

CJ says:

3 Series GT or X3 ??

nikki singh says:

awww…your bicep’s can’t look away

Ian Townsend says:

Ummm it’s a car review who gives a shit what clothes he’s wearing 

notformebeaky says:

Beige leather in a car is ghastly.

John K. Lindgren says:

Why is the dude wearing red pants?

madridtillidie says:

What type of shoes is he wearing, what is it called

Padraig O Connor says:

Your pants were my fav bit! :)

zkfoster says:

Matt is just so damn hot especially in that well fitted outfit

Andreas Lie says:

I think the saloon and the touring looks better….

bluegrassbabe1 says:

Matt is gorgeous!

Pedro Pires says:

Could be a practical car, but is so ugly!

wparo says:

Bad review come resale time

germancarnut says:

Who do you think the GT competes with? This was a comment to the statetment
that nobody needs this car. How about grown-ups who want more rear seating
space than the 3 series sedan or touring offer, but better driving dynamics
and a lower price tag than the 5 series.

Andre Ng says:

I think his clothes match quite well! It’s nice and hip!

Jelen F says:

my dad just ordert this car at bmw, i can’t wait for when we have the car

Matthew Nilsson says:

Mat Review The New Range Rover and The New Range Rover Sport!!!

john blunden says:

Mat please don’t wear those cloths

HesteBremse says:

As much as I like BMW and has over many years, I simply can´t familiarize
with the profile of this GT same with the 5 GT. I find it un-dynamic to
look at – the rear overhang and the rear slope without the classical BMW
Hofmeister kink just makes it look heavy and boring. But no doubt there
will be buyers for it. Fine review thanks ;)

stapler3000344 says:

To bad it’s not avail in US

Max Chui says:

Guys! Seriously? Even Top Gear magazine saids that BMW 3series Grand
Turismo is competing with the Audi A5 Sportback… Think before clicking
the dislike button.

jodelmeister20001 says:


thecarboy95 says:

Guess this car was so good that Mat bought one for himself. 328i GT
according to his session on Carbuyer Twitter account. :)

DarkerShadeOfRed says:

doesnt he?

Bobby Yuwing says:

i’ll get this next year!

Christopher Fraser says:

Hog course it’s legal! Saloons don’t have rear wipers!

Rayaan Shaikh says:

You my man, are correct! BMW rip you off with the options. One reason –
business technique, to make the car’s price rocket up and as we all know,
individual options dont hold their value as well as packages, so when you
buy another BMW and part exchange, they get it at a cheap price

Designs4Times says:

BMW designs are too bland. There is no excitement when you look at them
anymore. The new Mercedes are starting to look sweet!

Jurm39 says:

No rear wiper? Is that even legal?

Teerapat Jongruck says:

Mat is cute

BotchyXdog says:

Still don’t get why anyone would have one of these over a 3 Series

Ausgezeichnet says:

Wish we had the orange turn signal like in the EU

burso83 says:

I think this is because people who mostly do city driving are not potential
buyers of this car.

vwestlife says:

This outfit is a hipster color explosion! But I don’t mind anything that
shows off Mat’s package, no matter if it’s a crime against fashion. :-)

545AK74 says:

Love how most of the comments are about his jeans xD.

TheFedererNadallover says:

Matt , review the 4 series coupe please !

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