BMW 3 Series GT review – Auto Express

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MLG xXx_gotagohfestSWEG_xXx says:

I mostly like the M3 and the 7 BMW.

brian preval says:

just bought one so they are great, not right for everyone, that’s why there
are so many different cars around to cater for everyone.

John Walker says:

I saw one of these parked near the building I work at, it was this nasty
brown color. This 30-something Chinese woman got out. I thought, “how
fitting!” Probably the ugliest car I have ever seen. 

Gustaf Holst says:

a bmw 5-series GT is better then the three serie Gt 

Nguyen Duong says:

what color is this :D look fanstatic

Tony Salman says:

This moron, is sponsred by BMW.
The audi is faster, but the audi driver diden’t use full gas to let the BMW
The rs3 is faster dont get tricked by this retarded brittish dude.

Storey Media says:

do you realize not every car is made to be a race car

Theo Harrison says:

I know it’s more money but an X6 is just so much better. Still wouldn’t say
no to this car though.

Storey Media says:

the gt is a nice car

takashi bota says:

It is the styling of the Audi A5 Sportback

MissTeenAlaska says:

sexy guy

zeushammerfist says:

lonely island doing car reviews?

toology55 says:

at least it doesn’t look like a pontiac aztek

Shobin Drogan says:

sorry, the fact is this car, in this form, its absolutely pointless, just
like the 5 series gt and X6, you buy an estate car or SUV because it has a
tall roof for back seat passengers and a big tall boot for your dogs or
luggage to stack up, but it doesn’t so what exactly is the point??? you’re
just wasting more money to make your car uglier in return, i cant believe
people would get this/X6 over the normal 3 series touring/X5

Adaxik92 says:

You’re absolutely right, it looks great :D and that’s just my opinion.

Mario Lucifora says:

ok um they copied ford with kuga auto boot when kick with leg hmmmm and its

ELLO Mad says:

Looks awful, why would anyone buy these GT?

bestman81 says:

audi A7 seems okay wait till u see the S7

Christian Haase says:

@ TiMa Sorry for joke XD now seriously. I know the problem that u describe
from both sides: 2 years ago i got a 1994 suzuki swift and i never had
problems with “flashing maniacs”. Why? Cause i never get on the left road
with my 45 hp. Now i drive an 2011 318d and i got lot of idiots in front of
me cause they drive on the left with 100-120 kmh! Thats bullshit! When i
dont drive faster i dont get on the left line! Simple is that! Why we got 3
lines on the autobahn?? MfG

Giovanni Cammarata says:

Partinico (Palermo, Italia)


glad to hear the 5 series gt was a poor seller. i hate the concept. much
rather th touring. bmw has too much money imo.

aqeel3344 says:


aggressivetortoise says:

Mini x6?

Rahhhhhnman says:

Like your reviews, you do well.

joppetie says:

What a great review! He really does talk well! LIKE

NMSknives says:

soooooooo ugly

DMaster Mensionz says:

I thought about getting the x1 but realized I liked the 3 series better and
did not want the touring wagon looked a little too boxy, but this just fits
the bill, can’t wait till this comes out

TheEryk03 says:

its not an M car dumbass its just M sport. theres a difference a BIG

Fast Car Enterprises says:

What do you think of the BMW 3 Series? The design could grow on us, or we
could just by a e30 #M3… @BMWUSA

Leo Baltazar says:

This car looks awful and the estate is more practical, better looking,
cheaper and perhaps more fuel efficient

SPMNDK89 says:

3 series estate, 3 series GT, and the up and coming X4 should be a hell of
a decision for the buyer.

Darth Sin says:

BMWs, especially their M cars are now getting softer and more mainstream.
This car, like the other BMWs looks okay & performs well all around but if
you drive an old BMW, you would pick the old ones.

TheSuperMotoHooligan says:

Things that go vroom…

haimod3lu says:

so what you do for a living?

carmatazz says:

yes they tend to put an ///m when it has the m-sport package but they never
put the model number only, if it’s not an m car. They put the model number,
the power of the engine and if it’s petrol or diesel.

RivieraByBuick says:

this car is so amazingly beautiful

Jackie Yeung says:

bmw is trying to step up to the Porsche Cayenne, duh?

maxpnc says:

The IL version exist because of China, dumbass

Wilman Reyes says:


joey4310 says:

It will be an EPIC fail like the 5 series GT

Victor Balaban says:

once u go BMW u never come back,,,luv dis cars and I’m proud owner of bmw

Benny Herz says:

Look at unique work of art BMW 3 Series FLUIDUM designed by Andy Reiben. it
is available on Youtube

carmatazz says:

It’s not an m car dude, it’s just m-sport

fugu fugu says:

the back seats lean back like shit , how the fuck the headrests fall down
under passengers shoulders

Ti Ma says:

Haha! I keep that one in mind for next time. Thanks!

Hlor88 says:

No drifting? Only it could make it look better ;)

Resnorth says:

shut up cunt panamera is beautiful unlike your british crap

TheGodfatherSahil12 says:

BMW has quite a number of pointless cars. The 5 GT, the 3 GT, the X6, and
soon the X4.

jpwolf1701 says:

That is highly doubtful.

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