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Mejevoli says:

I hope their diesel’s sound gets toned down in the future :D A 320d will
always be at the top end of my real world dream car list ^^

yusuf topaloglu says:

last 2 versions of 3 series was not good lookin this is handsome enough to
compete CLA series

Abdalwakeel Hussain says:

It is rear wheel drive not front wheel drive u idiot so u havent owned 5
The M5 is the best dads got one

gamertanafc says:

The rear of the 3 series isnt aggressive enough in terms of the exhaust 

Risse Heikka says:


Theo Harrison says:


Nebin Baby says:

I hates this car because I dont likes its sound and its center console

Rono Vadalgo says:

im proud i own one of this beauty 330i

James Moore says:

love my e90

Solomon Somorin says:

The peddles are only of set with the manual

Azley Ibrahim says:

Gret car. 

James May says:

Matt is BMW lover. So biased.

The ride is too soft for a BMW.

And the noise level is up in this F30

But it is much more comfortable 

Philippe Estime says:

62 mpg????? That’s terrific!!!!!!!!

Dilafrose Bashir says:

Have to say, The 3 series is the best looking from its class.

Superdsheppard says:

BMW 3 Series, Merc C class, Audi A4 or Volvo S40??????????????? What do
you all think????????

gamertanafc says:

Bmw audis an mercs are amazing
If u want looks u go for audi driving u go for bmw an style u go for mercs

MissTeenAlaska says:

he is a hottie

LamboSpyder99 says:

BMW interiors are not great…Audi does a great job on interior comfort.

Vitor Negrete says:

Always sold out because owners always crash into a tree due to that

Joshua Peter says:


mrzkhan1 says:

Audi’s are VW’s underneath.. Not all of them, but a lot of them and having
FWD on a car of that price in the first place is just another way for the
company to get more money.. People buy Audi’s for the looks and interiors
which is good due to the money saving audi does with its FWD Drivetrain..
Audi is great, BMW is great, Mercedes Benz is great, Saab is dead ;-( But
who cares BMW and Audi are both great..

Sebastian Shaw says:

new 3 series is just rubbish new 5 series is for the ones who have more
money than taste x1 is for hairdressers and hostesses x3 is for the men who
has unsuccesful marriage and have to buy some car to their wifes x5 for
drug dealers and car salesmen m3 for coocks i dont want to mention 1 series
because it is so rubbish so if you want real new 2013 bmw get new 7 series
or m5 they are real cars i write all of these as e60 m5 owner

sajed rehman says:

He makes sooo many bad point and some of the bad points this does not have
any bad points

D_Lambily says:

I own an 2004 3 series ahaha and im 19 I feel blessed this is sooooo my
next car! ^_^

Vasile Nikk says:

get a life

Narrowc ross says:

They do that to save weight and they have an advanced RWD setup that cant
be compared to a normal road legal RWD setup….thanks

roloboy97 says:

A boxing glove?

johnny g says:

worry less about me and more about your Audi bills post warranty period HAHA

Narrowc ross says:

I am 26, so don’t assume and make an ass out of yourself. It’s you fan boy
babies that like RWD systems because of cute little drifts that’s quite
sad, if better handling involves a lot of over steer than you are correct
otherwise you just keep sounding like an idiot

Narrowc ross says:

You’re an idiot

johnny g says:

yeh i’m 12, but that still makes me 2 years OLDER than u kid. happy tenth
birthday hahaha!!!

botelloluis66 says:

Im in love

sajed rehman says:

this car is so beatifull

Narrowc ross says:

Never go full retard

MultiBillionPork says:


Owerrz says:

dude, trust me, you would want this over the a4 in less than a heart beat.

horesvinet says:

smaller engine doesn’t equal more mpg..

Nikola Jelovac says:

when they start selling it in the UK

KingOfCool says:

you’re starting to understand how wrong you are is that why you’re not
going to read or answer? jeez another 12 year fan boy… Do you even have
your license ?… I mean it’s not like anyone at all agrees with you.
Catching the trend are you?

johnny g says:

LOL, obviously you don’t know much about cars in that case. Go get a merc
or audi then. Just make sure your breakdown cover is up to date, YAWN!

tazzcaaarlovr says:

if you wanted me to shut up you shouldn’t have replied to me in the first
place so you shut the fuck up

panamera says:

Sounded like a truck

horesvinet says:

I’m not exactly a BMW fan but I have to admit, that is amazing. No C-class
can even get close to that.

HerpDerp063849 says:

BMW > Audi. No argument. Shut up

Narrowc ross says:

You said “Just because you can get a 4wd around a corner faster” well you
kind of are saying two things at once. Sorry kids if this was true they
wouldn’t make AWD systems in general (except for off road cars)and they
already take more gas. This debate is comical

J4m3z1 says:

If you think performance and MPG is the only thing going for the BMW then I
suggest you actually watch this video and compare it to his review of the
A4. The BMW’s chassis is in another league to the A4. Driving a BMW and
driving an Audi are just leagues apart from each other. The A4 looks the
same as it has been for 8 years and it’s getting tired. BMW have given the
3 series some muscle which makes it look fresh and sharp. Much better
interior? Hardly. More spacious? Perhaps.

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