BMW 3-Series video review

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The new BMW 3-Series improves on its predecessor in every quantifiable way, but can it deliver the driver reward that BMW is famous for? Steve Sutcliffe driv…


Jack Chiu says:

BMW 3-Series video review by

Alex G says:

Does this guy not know how to stay in lane when driving

German Beales says:

It is too popular for me i is also too cheap for my liking?

Linn Platter says:

4:30 braking like a girl – pah!

Shift4g says:

“E21 was absolutely brilliant, then came the E30 which was okay ” Pretty
much every ingrained BMW enthusiast has your sentiments reversed.

vv mat says:

bmw should design the world

Ztech says:

But high compression also stresses an engine, and shortens it’s life. This
problem, in addition to the issue of turbo lag (which I know, isn’t an
issue for this BMW), is why a lot of people prefer natural aspiration.
Nonetheless, if the engine is designed with resiliency, with practical use
in mind, than it may, indeed, be a better car.

gasmeter24 says:

i’m loving the new 3 series alot, but i’m a bit uncomfortable with a 328i
with a 4 cylinder engine ….. all this series classification seems
pointless and misleading now compared to older 3 series models you knew
what was under the bonnet by looking at the numbers on the boot.

rahulgosh1 says:

- its a closed section … its pretty obvious

exiattt says:

@mtksbctk so you do.

Evan O says:

@seongoh I saw it at an autoshow, before going i thought this was the
ugliest bimmer but in person it looks pretty badass

Mixalis Kormos says:

After 98′cars the design is not like BMW,the story to be continued

Lonehawk2k4 says:

@maplefreak64 probably because its got bmw’s name on it

singlah says:

In Singapore, US$103 399.66 may get you only the permit to buy the car. You
don’t even have the car at this price!! It’s only an entitlement to own the
car for 10 years. How’s that for thieving?!

Waleed Ashour says:

@EvoPower2010 no they dont u ppl have no taste, this looks awesome

John K. Lindgren says:


skittleschocolate says:

@10camss you’ve never driven an acura then.


@10camss apart from alpha romeo

shahbaz99 says:

that’s last corner was sick, you could hear the turbo .

Melo Vataga says:

Same as everywhere… The reason behind the 44 mpg is because it has the
same 2.0L turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 8 speed automatic found in
the X1. The more gears you have, the lower the rev of the engine.

determinedskeptic says:

@pharmd718 Totally agree…but I’m hugely biased

EuroEmpire says:

Damn… this 3-Series might make the E46 look like yesterdays news to
enthusiast. The F30 already has a waiting list.

AndreH5656 says:

things change in Denmark..(I think) in Brazil don’t, the same horrible
streets I have to pass every day, manifestation in front of hospitals, low
salary of police, teachers from public schools, etc… but in Brasilia, the
parliamentary people have a salary of R$26.000,00(US$12.800,00) or more…
so, we pay tax for nothing. The result about cars : 95% you see on street
have less than 100HP, and the gasoline have 25% of ethanol everywhere(not
good for my E36 328i), what about Denmark?

john carry says:

i will wait for ALFA ROMEO GIULIA in 2013. Than the whole world will forget
about this ugly creature Bmw 3 series.

MPower says:

Where’s the 6 cylinder Bmw had

ISFKing says:

is this redesigned? looks pretty similar

David Xue says:

Buy it plain. No equipment to get the most fun per dollar out of it.

AndreH5656 says:

I love this car, but I live in Brazil… so…. :( in brazil, the price
will starts I think R$198.000,00 (US$103.399,66) the sport, and
R$223.000,00 (US$116.455,17) the luxury… the 335i will be R$341.000,00
(US$178.077,18) Say hello to Brazilian tax tax tax tax corruption thieves

John Appleseed says:

5-series is the only nice bmw left..everything else went to audi

44lucas says:

good looking 3 series BMWs come in every second generation… well, at
least the last ones. E21 was absolutely brilliant, then came the E30 which
was okay except for those oversized back lights, then came the ugly E36,
after that came the E46 which is – in my opinion, mind you – the best
looking car ever made, then came the retarded Bangle’s brainchild, the E90
(the man ruined BMW looks, I mean look at 5 & 7 series, ughh), but luckily
then came this. Excellent, too bad about the 6 cyl-s, though.

a38racing says:

No matter how ugly bmws get they are always good to drive

gianhet says:

I find this interior looks like a 1-serie interior, it really doesnt look
very nice, but i guess it’s a matter of taste, i personnally prefer the
interior of the facelift c class, but they are both equivalent in terms of
quality .

juniormorfin says:

The car even seems more nimble on the road and more fun to drive than the
previous generation.

AndreH5656 says:

good idea…. could be faster than save money here… right? not like wait
my whole life

nikowhoop says:

cause nobody wants to spend 40-50k on a 320i in north america

TheClubshaker says:

Looks good and drives good. Better than an Audi A4 atleast!

homeboyskilletfresh says:

I love bmw

GODZM3 says:

Bring on the tri-turbo M3!

AndreH5656 says:

yea, it is, but i’m happy with my E36 328i 1996…. Could be better, but
the tax is abusive, even if you buy parts abroad, the tax will be 60% of
the price of the product+ship, so the maintenance is very very expensive,
even in my E36 =(

mvrtrn says:

Brazilian politicians are the worst thieves in the world!!! At the price
I’ve paid for my VW Tiguan R$ 120.000,00 (~USD 63.000,00) I could buy a
Porsche Cayenne S or a Infiniti FX50 in US.

NunsAllowed says:

Nice car to sit in a traffic jam.

Nikheel Patel says:

To many people hating

chimichanga1254 says:

is it stick or automatic

tiberianexcalibur says:

I know he’s British and all and usually drives on the left side of the
lane, but that kind of driving is what gets people killed, regardless if
that road is barricaded or not you can’t be too sure.

gianhet says:

I really dont like the interior, prefer a lot the interior of the face lift
c class ^^

44lucas says:

Well, you know what they say – if we all liked the same thing….

Feliks Christono Sehan says:

M40 Still the best

dog1304 says:

Early birds booking the car in Singapore will get it on 6 March . The
launching date!!

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