BMW 335i (F30) Review – Sports Sedans Pt1 – Everyday Driver

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BMWs F30 generation 3 series has entered the Sports Sedan marketplace with many new competitors. So the guys put the 6 cylinder 335i against the two underdog…


George Lavdas says:

Why do they compare such a nice car to cars like the ats and IS. the bimmer
is a much better all around car than the other two “contenders”

Alexandru Raileanu says:

Too bad they didn’t have the 335d xDrive.

oneaburns says:

I like it but I think it looks so much better with the M-Sport package. 

HansDelbruck53 says:

If you think all BMWs look the same, then you must think all supermodels
look the same.

venturacougar1 says:

Am assuming its a foregone conclusion that the audi s4 is on another level
and comparing it to these vechile would be cruel and unusual lol. Yup I
believe so. 

0812rs says:

isnt there an m sport package 1 and 2 for this car? i hear upgrades range
from adaptive m suspension to even power boost and improved exhaust

Adrian Brown says:

Wrong tires Gents. Germany land of speed curves and long Autobahns.
Front: 245-35-19 Rim 9.0 Rear: 275-35-19 Rim 9.5 Non run flat tires.
Tires sit toooo high on this car. Swap them out then drive the car

floCompyler says:

How can you NOT find the BMW just beautiful? Americans have a really
strange taste…

AEKARA27 says:

did you guys test an F30 with the DHP option? Because I have it on my 335i
and let me tell you it makes a world of difference. Also when with 245/40
non run flat tires on all four corners. Totally different feel to the car
now from the 225/45 run flats.

Mohammad Al-Saeed says:

excellent review

Jawskillaful says:

This car looks nice but I think it is a little too big for a 3 series, but
then again what entry level car has not grown bigger than usual nowadays?

NoGoodJim says:

BMW M-Sport = Lexus F-Sport, and soon there’s gonna be a V-Sport trim on
the Caddies.

Ross MK says:

You should of included the Audi a4 and Mercedes c350

bcl0328 says:

yup, i have one :)

LaserBeamerZ says:

was this filmed on route Napoleon?

klx110man18 says:

if you want a stiffer suspension you need the m-sport package

Scott Clark says:

Heard similar disappointments with the 5 series too. BMW better get back on
track or abdicate the throne.

stpe2005 says:

E90 335 VS. F30 335! Please!!

porbonostar says:

The E90 series to me is better looking, and the fact that they didn’t seem
to change the engine… why even bother with the F30?

Felix Pfaltermann says:

This car won’t cut it on a track? Are you high? Put these three cars on any
road course and the 335i will mop up the floor with the other two- hands
down. It probably wouldn’t be that close. The 335i will win easily with
sucky run flat tires, too.


For the money I would rather get an Audi S4

cholboy23 says:

Wtf this car is fuckingg sexyy

renshoota says:

That’s a different segment thoug, and the Japs have been making micro
sedans from those times n before as well. I know that’s what they were
referring to. If they want to use the micro sedan, Datsun was doing that
before. I think what was being said is that BMW was most influential in the
sport sedan market an that would be the E30 which was in response to the
W201. They would be spot on with that.

n9athan says:

BMW E21, BMW 2002 (1500, 1600, etc.).

LeadHammer says:

The dealer just wanted to sell you the car. For pedestrian safety the hood
cannot be too low, but front end styling has little to do with safety.

EatmyDust1311 says:

Have you heard of the BMW 1500 brought to market in 1962?

Pedro Santos says:

Ahah nice joke

faisal bajwa says:

Try the M-sport. U guys r in the wrong car. Plus on this car, trunk bigger
than a 7 and minus 4″ speakers all around and a tiny hidden ashtray,
sensors every where but may be that’s what keeps it ahead of the game in a
gizmo gadget world of cars that have more options to play with when they r

willibn says:

No, the car tested does not have DHP.

IPGAuto says:

I dont have teeth in my head.. I do have teeth in my mouth though.

ImMikoFreako says:

4.9 sec wow

Jarvis Jenkins says:

328 i my bad, you know the 4 cylinder turbo that was all the rage with the
car magazines.

GaNgStAlBeRt says:

the last real bmw”s were the e46 and the e39 all others are getting too

Carl F says:

Please retest 335i with M package. Thanks!

Master Roshi says:

was this filmed in northern France ??

VVarrio says:

I bought the 320i which is cheaper than the 328 and less hp, but the car is
def nice. Already makes the old 3series sedan look dated

0faewfewa says:

I stopped watching when he said the F30 isn’t beautiful

accountvideos says:

Good stuff! Important segment!

Rohit gottiparthy says:

Floaty? Does this car have the DHP – Dynamic handling package? This package
has Variable suspension and Variable steering. It tightens everything and
makes a lot more difference.

willibn says:

not true, the adaptive suspension does not fix this sadly…

Eduardo Hernández says:

Great videos the quality overall is stunning, please do videos about the
C-Class(Luxury ediiton) and A4

willibn says:

Its not any lower than the “Sport” version. same ride height. They put so
many variations of the tires on these from the factories. that can change a
lot too.

domkchan says:

You guys need a raise! Some of the best down-to-earth reviews on the

Jonathan Gray says:

I have a feeling there is a currency exchange rate in there somewhere…

FinneousPJ says:

I’m not sure what your ending comment is supposed to mean. The 3-series
never was a precision track-day tool. I mean, that’s Cayman R or something.

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