BMW 335i vs Audi S4! – Head 2 Head Episode 10

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On this episode of Head 2 Head, Carlos Lago pits the new 2012 BMW 335i against it’s natural rival from Ingolstadt – the 2012 Audi S4. The 3 Series has long e…


Pranav Mukesh says:

you cant compare the 335i and s4! it should have been the 335i vs a4 3.0.
compare the 335i M performance pack vs s4 next time!

classiccarz says:

White is for secretaries and hair dressers. How about a blue or black
beemer next time? 

naveenshanv says:

Red on White eh, Red on Black is better.

Georgi Trifonov says:

The BMW needs summer tires to be comparable in this test..

Doar Eu says:

Should have been the 335xi…oh enyone knows the song that stars in the
background at 0:43 ?

814gt says:

Good thing the comparison was not based on looks. Both are wonderful cars,
but I went with the S4 as I preferred the suspension feel on longer rides
and felt the engine was stronger in the S4. It pulled all the way to
redline and 335 was great, but just could not get over the interior. Not
sure how Carlos could prefer the BMW interior over the Audi? However, can’t
go wrong with either car..I prefer the look of the Audi and engine in S4
pulls harder.

Steve C says:

If you want the Audi to pull to 7000, there are ECU maps that will do it
for you…

richie s says:

To get the most out of the 335i, you have to get the Dynamic Handling
Package, which adds the variable steering ratio. Without this, the 3 series
feels a lot more heavy and less composed on the road. I’m glad I got this
on my 335i. It honestly made the car so much better! 

edin cirkic says:

this is the most easy shit to compare if you want a all round nice car that
is safe you take audi if you want a fun car that can do crazy shit you take

James B says:

Very good comparison. Audi has way better real world performance.
BMW is surprisingly soft in the suspension department, just feels loose.

ostreds says:

why are you in the rockies in a car with NJ plates?

Ali khazaal says:

bad review and the Audi sounds like a civic 

henry ford says:

the bmw doesn’t stop in 131 ft

Zuhal Aydin says:


Turki Aldosari says:

We need this head 2 head with the new CLA AMG

Cornelius Lister says:

The Audi is clearly the better car in this comparison.

jimmyhoffa9 says:

For all the moaners about xdrive, MT did a comparison of AWD sedans, having
a 335i xdrive with power kit(I think). The xdrive 335i and S4 were
literally matched perfectly in terms of pace.

CaptainSprinkles1985 says:

S5 vs 435i now! =)

Usmaan Arshad says:

Bmw is right up there with better fuel economy

José Mourinho says:

It should have been BMW 335i xDrive (with M Sport package) vs Audi S4
Quattro, that’s the fairest comparison… The M3 vs Audi RS4 is the fairest
for that part.

John Jerrehian says:

How about being a lot faster than the BMW in all categories and much better
braking… Seems these factors were far better than the BMW. Both nice
cars but the Audi simply is a better performer and has Quattro.

SuppppperPosii says:


ben sten says:

Regardless of tires or options the 335i will not outperform the s4. 

Claudiu Stanciu says:

and besides summer tires, an equivalent to the S4 is the ALPINA B3Biturbo!
that ones is an equivalent, not 335i..

Zachary Josebeck says:

I’m disappointed in you guys. You put the Rear wheel bmw against the AWD
Audi…you do realize bmw makes an AWD version with much more traction
during launch. You are also comparing BMW with all season, general
purpose, tires on the track. This is not a true apples to apples test.

Amnadth Hamilton says:

Relpy to Sabastian Lopez. You need to pull your head out. Yes, Its VW and
so as Bugatti made by VW W16 enging and Bentley Continental GT which
equipped with W12 powerplant made by VW.

archangelj says:

Kinda confirms the cons that e90 fans feel about the f30

dfx961 says:

finally someone got the comparison right, nothing pisses me off more, as an
audi fan, when these idiots put an s4 against the m3. The rs4 should be
going up against the m3.

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