BMW 4 Series: All New, Even Though It Shouldn’t Be

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BMW has launched a new coupé based on the Three Series, but it isn’t the 3 Series Coupé. The new 4 Series is a wonderful car, but does it remove too much fro…


Zapp Rogerstein says:

A much better look than the current 3 series. Seen a few in person, great

SilverWave says:

Why is there no 425d xDrive? :(

Aaron Su says:

The more I look at this car the more I like it!

Michael Leibowitz says:

Beautiful. BMW gets better and better.

wayne clark says:

I like the E92 styling’s better. 

Kevin Clare says:

3 series or 4 series it’s just a badge only a nerdy car journalist would
care about the change of badge. There are greater things to worry about!!

cfezuwm says:

dubstep? no thanks. 

William Allen says:

Great video!

Anwar Afhim says:

Because grunt!

jamesgjt says:

left hand drive with right handed driver, it is good… but for right hand
drive with writing recognition? does that mean we all have to practice left
hand writing? good news for lefty who live in a right hand drive country. 

jOE Mee says:

To all twats who are sentimental like this reviewer, now is the time to
kill yourselves because you can’t face change. But if you can afford to buy
this, I bet you would get one what ever that name says.

Thomas Bruyninckx says:

4 is because they already have the f30 f31 an f34 in the 3 series. Now in
the 4 series you have the coupe f32 , the cabriolet f33 and the 4 grand
coupe f36. It would be to much models jus for the 3 series. Its just fine.
Enough choice for everyone. 

whiteandnerdytuba says:

at the end of the day it is still a 3 series, looks better than the old
one, but mechanically and even stylistically at the end of the day, a
couple of inches makes a car look better, not justify it as a new car

nzm0n5t3r says:

Questionable. Yes it does look much better. How ever there is a lack of
engine for the enthusiasts. I do understand why BMW is going through all
these changes. Efficiency is turning into an important factor even for
people who own big BMW’s or Ferrari’s or Lambo’s. I do love a Straight-six,
I drive a straight six, but I love a V8 more, you have to, it’s a V8. It
seems unsettling to me. The S85 V10 and the S65 are the most brilliant
engines of BMW’s time. Big, high revving and naturally aspirated. Yes not
quite efficient I know, but we do have technology such as cylinder
deactivation that can help drop fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.
I think BMW should make one last big, powerful, outrageous 9000 rpm turning
speed and very limited blast before moving on just to show what the company
is really made of.

Man Kit Lee says:

need to find a new editor

zealouscoma says:

just got my one :)

Andreas Tanandar says:

Slk or this

Diablo3XBOX says:

Why does it have the ///M logo on the side, but isn’t?

trevor philips says:

See I love this car….fast smooth sporty comfortable economical and good
looking….but one thing I don’t get is the price! Ya its a little
different than 2 door 3 series but with options this thing easily goes well
into the 60k range and maybe even 70…the 3 would be like a 50k car with
options….I get its bmw but no one wants to pay 20k for atleast imo a
worse name(from 335 to 435)

Gilles Van Hooff says:

The 4 coupe is by far my favourite BMW on the market right now. I
personally own a 320d coupe and I must say that the 4 is just so similar,
yet so diferent … maybe better in a lot of ways.

Chris Wilkinson says:

I bet these would sound awesome with a custom exhaust.

spartacus lannister says:

I am torn between the two between this and an audi a5. Have to make a swift

Arch says:

A very good looking car – until your eyes wander over those “7s” on the
sides… dear god…

SmileyLegoGuy says:

Well, the M4 came out, and I do want one

Solomon Somorin says:

A lad, Audi are just a another Volkswagen. BMW and Mercedes Benz are the
best! Fuck ye Audi ur just a waste of money!

Spencer Stagg says:

this guy really reminds me of Richard Hammond, which is a good thing keep
up the good work

AlexD_AUTO says:

good job! follow my channel!

Paul Francis says:

another apples and oranges argument. both brands are good and they excel at
different ways. no car brand is really the best. IMHO both brands are
equal, thats why they are rivals :)

Hoàng Long Võ says:

If this thing isn’t a m4, why does it have M badges all over it?

sheriff clint says:

nice car

gamertanafc says:

i have to say i was very suprised that bmw went with 4 series but i have to
say its a lovely car even though i prefer the front end of the 3 series
coupe M that looked deadly.

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