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l34052 says:

i want THAT car!!

Alaatin61 says:

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notformebeaky says:

I’ve always liked BMW but they need to update the dated orange glow on the
dashboard instruments to something sharper and more modern as Audi and Merc
have done.
The rest of the dash is nice, and quality feel, but that orange is so 90′s.
Looking forward to seeing the X4. Might tempt me back to BMW.

xBlackRaiderx says:

A guy from Britain complaining about the manual? Dear god no, please don’t
eliminate manual from yet another country and give them the boring auto

ewtubewatcher says:

sigh, i watch these videos but i doubt i will ever be able to afford it.
makes me so sad

anaconda118 says:

I don’t like it.A Lexus is more reliable,robust and precise,hence it has
better build quality.

Drazen Petrovic says:

My dream car :) 

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

that trunk opening censor thing is possibly the most stupid thing ever…
saw a teenage kid the other day having fun pissing his mom off so badly by
opening the trunk, she got out closed it, he did it again, she got out,
yelled a lot, closed it and he did it again..

Ilyaaz Bilal says:

Bmw Best car made

nistelrooyRuud says:

ugly as hell

Gonçalo Lebre de Freitas says:

beautiful car

Bertus Nel says:

Would kill for this car…

hornbytrainsets says:

i drove one of these, it was a 328 coupe but automatic, so ridiculously

Heero Yui says:

New design bmw is ugly.
the previous generation was better for me

niko hd says:

In Finland the 4 series costs 12 grand more than the 3 series coupe :-)

KavlosteMeViagra says:

that’s basically a face-lifted 3 series with 2 doors

Blade ManX says:

Boring interior

David Schwab says:

manual is always better than auto 

Ian Townsend says:

I think it looks great, can’t afford one yet I’ll be getting at 3 series
320d then one of these the 420d & then a 640d I’m so very sad 

nograviti2 says:

I give that seatbelt butler 6 months before it breaks and costs a few 100
to fix.. lol

Scott Robinson says:

Don’t new bmw’s look like potentially naturally occurring poo shapes.

Andreas Lie says:

Looks very nice! I really like BMWs. Bmw 328i is my dream car…

gamertanafc says:

Lovely car has more presence on the road the 3 series coupe couldnt meet
the audi a5 or c coupe for road presence 

Dan Aldea says:

Pedals are offset ’cause you’re on the wrong side of the car :P

LookingFor Molly says:

c350 coupe full option, or 428i couple not fully optioned?

Jd Evans says:

It would be cool if Cadillac made come sort of coupe, other than the CTS
coupe, that would give this thing a run for its money

Mahir Sheikh says:

Please do a review of the nissan patrol!

Ninad Ganore says:

a5 is better

SaiyanRace5 says:

inside is ugly.

erp123naruto says:

MB S-Class coup will be out soon

Christian Zimmermann Witt says:

proper car !

Marc De Mil says:

my dream

Omesh Abeysekera says:

I so want this in my garage!!!! 

D Phi says:

The interior based on the 3 series is no bad thing, only bad thing is its
almost exactly the same as the 1 series. The plastic around the front seats
is a bit cheap, even compared to the E46!

easy mans says:

well he clearly dont know what hes talking about, msport 3 series coupe has
most the option he said 

Sergey Zerkin says:

528i or 428i ?!!

Jiahao Jin says:

nice car

Scott Robinson says:

same bonet???? aka same hood for north americans. WTF no wonder a car I
could potentially want looks CRAP

Alaatin61 says:

Check my channel for the 2014 M 4 series in Black

Lee-harry C says:

Perfect car! 

Jonathan Han says:

What do the air breathers on the side of the car do? How dles it improve
air flow

Lee-harry C says:

Dan m it only does it if the key is with the person 

Alaatin61 says:

I filmed the 2014 BMW 4 Series M Coupe

lyhne999 says:

Fantastic car! It’s so much better than the Audi a5. I love the headlamps,
which is SO hot and characterise BMW.

Benny8940 says:

I can’t wait for a review of the 2 series.

Jerry Wright says:

I would buy the turbo diesel X drive!

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