BMW 4 Series Coupe Review

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Daniel DeGasperi hits the road in the BMW 435i to see if BMW’s latest executive 2-door is still the reigning driver’s coupe.


drdj69 says:

Nice to see an Aussie review of the 435i, I agree 428i is great value for
money, but 6cyl inline is the best , smooth buttery torque and it sounds
brilliant as well.
waiting on my 435i .. thanks´╗┐

The G-Man says:

It’s a shame BMW don’t offer a downsized version of the N55 in the x35i. I
imagine something like a 2.0 turbo I6 would satisfy those looking for the
smoothness and sound of the N55 but who also want the fuel economy and
chassis balance of the x28i.´╗┐

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