BMW 4-series Gran Coupe review 2014 | TELEGRAPH CARS

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The BMW 4-series Gran Coupe aims to find the perfect balance between style and practicality. Has it succeeded? Rebecca Jackson finds out. Find us on Facebook…


Ayrton Atif says:

I like your boots Rebecca

1seipai says:

I don’t like these silly cross over cars. Why not just get a proper coupe
or touring? No doubt the M4 GC will be out soon but it will be just as

Yippie says:

Telegraph is lame all it did is copy CarBuyer. They even lured Rebecca
away, probably with more money, then used the same formula. Wonder if
Rebecca is a bit ashamed? Anyway, the only difference now is between that
boring bloke compared to Matt, Matt is much better. 

Telegraph Cars says:

The stylish BMW 4-series Gran Coupe is the subject of our latest video

benzfen says:

…for me it is still uglier then the regular 3 series! and it is not even
close to the coupe looks of the 4. So if was family man I’ll go for the 3
series saloon but if I have to carry only my 5 foot 4 and a half girlfriend
I’ll get the real 4 series coup :)

Gavin S says:

Ugly headlights on the 4……

And what exactly is the difference between this and the 3 series saloon
(apart from the rip off price of this)?

I don’t buy Rebecca’s comment about the hatchback being better for bulkier
loads. With that sloping roofline and rear window, no way are you putting a
chest of draws in that. Saloon also has fold down rear seats.

And how does this compared to the 3 series GT? A lot of missed comparisons
in this review…..

chitpaul singh kallah says:

Smaller in the back than a 3 but with a name beginning with 4….BMW trying
to cover as many areas as possible…just get a 3 series…..and an tourer
if you need extra space…BMW your getting boring….

Luke Mallory says:

You guys have improved greatly and this video is now better than Carbuyer’s
latest snoozefest reviews! Well done!

hyungwoo0312 says:

Nice car, but how is it a coupe when it has more than two doors? I consider
the model to be a hatchback.

ERIC K. says:

Great review Rebecca! Always pleasant to watch!

José Roberto Nakata says:

Rebecca reviewing cars is a problem, because I don´t pay any attention in
the car…

Turbosaunderground says:

I dont understand, yet, why 4 series name….it the 3 series coupe of all

ViewerVerdict says:

reebeeeecaaaa ! commentssssss willll folow uuu where eveeeer u goooohh !
changing the channel will not be sufficient hahahaaa,>_<

cesar malabrigo mujica says:

You Rebecca! you are my favorite.

911jp says:

Becca, it’s a pleasure you’ve got back your tried and true lovely and
charming way to present/review a car :)
With the GLA review, I really had mixed feelings – and wasn’t the only
one (as evidenced by other comments)
The car is nice, but not my style – too much doors, engine on the wrong end ;)
Looking forward to your next review -
cheers to the BANANAS :D 

dumpkernel says:

Beautiful b**t

tayl0rd says:

Thumbs up if you have to watch all of Rebecca’s videos twice. First to
ogle at Rebecca and second to actually see what car she’s talking about.

BluesEyePeas says:

Does anyone know Rebecca drive a 435i Gran Coupe in her real daily life too

Anxo Dapena says:

This line of work, is better tan the others. Of course Rebecca is the
best…even better tan before. Congratulations.

Victor Hoh says:

Please don’t be offended, but the pacing of the review is definitely too
slow. A car review needs to be exciting, while being informative comes

Josh Pate says:

It’s beautiful hearing you talk about a beautiful car! Sounds like you know
the right features to point out :) great job

moderndesignworks says:

Bananas are back!!!………LOL

Sebin Oh says:

Love that banana test, Rebecca!! Keep up ur amazing work<3 =^^=

YouBocaj67Tube says:

Rebecca, in what car are you driving private?


asistant is legend.. speechless guy

Aurelio MEGA says:

Rebecca very sexy.

scorpionbeware says:

Dear Rebecca, u r the best. Keep up the good work!!

Neo Racer says:

Rebeccas overall score 11/10!

Mohd Amirul Ramli says:

Nice BMW. Plus the review and the bananas. 

EnterpriseKnight says:

Fuck yeah, Bananas are back!

Thanh Binh says:

bananas are back! :D

Mojokiller ShiftTwo says:

Beautiful car …inside and outside.

Lee-harry C says:

eco mode on a 435i? Why.

Neeraj Karani says:

BMW 4-series Gran Coupe review 2014 

James Akano says:

Just buy a 5 series

Laguber says:

Bananas! Yeahh!

Emilio Insfrán says:

Oh Rebecca :)

david dykeman says:

Nice rear!

jackal2513 says:


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