BMW 4 Series review – Auto Express

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hwangeruk says:

Was really looking forward to this. But its ugly. :(

sbamf says:

Stunning stunning motor

pouya farchadi says:

silver does not compliment this car.

ElectricWindows says:

This is the same car that Matt used on CarBuyer’s review :)

R Girn says:

Is that you Jensen? I know Mclaren is not doing so well but did you have to
get a side job? Haha seriously though you even talk like him. Good job!

Stoneink Studi o says:

It does look kinda boring. But i guess the m sport will look sweet.

Stefan Wojcik says:

crappy? it’s expensive, but 0-60 in 7.5 seconds, and 60mpg combined is not

zaphod2 says:

pardon, madam ?

Narrowc ross says:

Audi A5 over this anyday, beaten before it even had a chance

sTTu says:

I look at this BMW from the front and I can’t help but think it’s saying,
“more cheeese please, Grommet”

Elastico2 says:

Don’t worry, next time, when he is visiting your mom he will put on better

retrorideruk says:

Lets see what fits in the boot ? Not that much…

k0618202 says:

Boring review.

nemanja milosevic says:

you should’ve done a standard review.

grabir01 says:

looks good..

GLR says:

How is the C-coupe doing compared to this?

SwPiotrek says:

This review sucks.

nba3sk says:

Compare it with Audi A5 before you fuck around.

Paul Bomar says:

Did he say Spittle Street? :-D

Paolo Yambao says:

boring review , i dont want to hear what time you have to sleep etc.. talk
about the car please

Highly Porsche says:


cockshield says:

I for one quite like the 4-Series. But if we’re being honest it hasn’t
blown the A5 out of the water, at least in terms of styling. So unless Audi
truly fuck things up with the next A5, BMW might have dropped the ball here.

Christopher Rushton says:

Hey is that white jumper you are wearing from New Zealand by any chance?

TheAndiBay says:

why do you sit so close to the steering wheel?

rahulgosh1 says:

- well the backside of the 4 series looks better than your face .. that’s
for sure .. ;)

alukardFE says:

Please do this in the futre test models people will buy! Great video

ImHereToAnnoyYou says:

Epig road test more like. It’s like you’ve forgotten that the word ‘BORING’
exists. No one really want’s a 420d or a 320d, only ‘tick-boxing’ managers.
If I was a fleet buyer I’d change to something more interesting.

o3tomas says:

oops, just found 2:16

Rob McSorley says:

He sits so close to the steering wheel. Looks funny.

Rihards Mors says:

Whatcar. But I already regret what I’ve said :( cos this was thought to be
different way of review. Sorry..

63Jax says:

like 80% of the BMWs :(

DGRWPF says:

we really do. :D

MS says:

He has? He is a motoring journalist who reviews new cars not owner of the

wilf81 says:

This guy talks and sounds exactly like Jenson Button.

Tiago Ruivo says:

nice clothing… lol


To ”ALL” of the negative comments hummmm you are sooo broke that you are
using the free wifi at Mcdonalds to spew all your frustations here….. GET
A JOB! will never drive/own/a BMW…..

TheFedererNadallover says:

Surprised you didn’t review the interiors at all… And ALWAYS include the
leg-room aspect at the back seats in all your reviews..

doccyber says:

Boring old chap.

railbird says:

can i have that pull-over pls. where can i buy it

Rahhhhhnman says:

Entry level 4 series Beamer, and matching entry level video.

Randy Pandy says:

Clearly you are

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