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Televizyon Kafası says:

this is a audi.

Juan Galvis says:

What do you mean “its too much like a 3 series” ?!?! It basically is a 3
series (chasis wise and all), it just has 2doors.
It is the sportier 3 series as the 3 series coup has always been.

I don’t know what it is you expected..

gahloot says:

So if I drive over my neighbor’s cat, the bottom boot area will sense i ran
over that little bitch, and the boot will open while I’m driving?

Alaatin61 says:

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MaZEEZaM says:

Great review, i enjoyed this presenter. I agree with the ghastly red

Tom Doyle says:

is it me or does he walk like he’s soiled himself?

Mosakoe_069 says:

The back side looks like bmws 850i !?

Can Berker Özdem says:

what kind of an accent is that?

TheLMMish says:

Why is this guy walking like he got hit in the balls?

Thomas Heiple says:

Why is the first minute or two of this review nearly word for word
identical to the CarBuyer review?! Seriously, watch each back-to-back…

Malik Garvin says:

red trim is beautiful !!!

Expedition987654321 says:

I don’t think it will open while your driving Mr. Peanut

David And says:

Oh n doesn’t come with a sporty check engine light too?

David And says:

Y do all BMW look so much alike, change something 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 series
look the same just get bigger, i think they just put a cheap ass looking
fender vent on n said let’s call it 4 series…. Haha lame

Erik Handler says:

Looks like a 3 series with a electronic seatbelt hander and a downward
facing grill , blah thought it was gonna look alot better

jabber jaw says:

Tell your brother not to quit his day gig.

Sumin Lee says:

Not really liking the design ques that BMW is going lately..

SuPeRm4n100 says:

would suck if a random cat walks under the back end opening the trunk up

Matty mo says:

love it

Nicholas Cage says:

Just as the 3 series is a small 5 series, it would have been nice for the 4
to be a small 6 series.

Nicolas Agreste says:

good job BM… you did it again.

1820AL says:

You are right! I miss the previous generation 3 sereis coupe and sedan,
such an iconic design! BMW was trying to be like Audi with the A4 sedan and
A5 coupe division back in 2008/2009. I was really excited when the concept
4 series coupe came out, but when I saw the actual production model, I am
truly upset. What was the whole point of getting rid of the 3 series coupe
for a new 4 series coupe that looks just like the sedan? What a waste BMW!

detaart says:

Yeah, i’ve owned a 2009 330d, and it had it too. Every once in a while, it
would fail … and then it would go from a “hands-you-the-seatbelt-device”
to a
… device”. It was a good car, and imnsho, better looking than this much
too busy 4 series.

DivideBYZero69 says:

2:54 “The steering isn’t super feelsome”. Feelsome… SMH.

NayefRS says:

Audi A5 still looks better than this….

Anis Rahman says:

this journalist blatantly copied 70% of everything he said from the dude
from car buyer.

FROOB202 says:

Why do they bother making bespoke parts that look exactly the same as the
saloon? Pointless waste of money on BMW’s behalf and not making the car
unique at all.

Dan M says:

the exhaust looks relatively simple. oh wait, its the same as the 3 series.

SKL11261988 says:

I think the name is horrible – “4 series,” I understand that this is how
BMW names all their cars, with numbers to distinguish different class and
series. Yet, I come from a chinese background, and the letter “4″ when
pronounced in mandarin actually sounds the same as the word “death.” There
is a huge market within China within the luxury car segment, I do think BMW
did not think this out very well… I currently own a 3 series, I don’t
think I will ever buy a 4… just because of the name…

Alaatin61 says:

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sunsirel says:

nice review, disappointed to hear about the steering

1820AL says:

Like the comment If you miss the outgoing generation 3 series coupe! RIP

7alamontii says:

fuck this guy in particular, where’s watson !

saimone1981 says:

that’s my style :)

Amit Man says:

we want to see the car not subtitles…

jabber jaw says:

Brilliant comeback.

albertcarrete says:

The “robot that hands you your seat belt” is definitely not new. Otherwise
accurate review.

Sorwar C says:

People stop hating on bmw’s

TeK RaVeN says:

R.I.P 3 series =(

Ausgezeichnet says:

Honestly I couldn’t even focus on what he was saying… His voice was too
boring. I don’t know what he was saying about the red trim though, looked

CRob2100 says:

no shit so do all audi’s and mercedes

antonio55550 says:

looks cheap inside and out for that price….

Moby Dick says:

you’re gay.

ARusso22TV says:

bmw made the 4 series look goood

митрофанов алекс says:

Super Car!!!!!

ken masters says:

There will be a M3 and M4. M3 will be the 4 dr version. I don’t get you. Is
the car any stupider if you change the name?

William Cowley says:

Loving the seatbelt robot

TRonlyOne says:

Ugly :(

reckless brocoli says:

i hate how he lifts one or two hands from the steering wheel 2:35 till
aprox 3:05… i found that really annoying and i now want to rape this man
in the anus with a cactus…

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