BMW 428i v Audi A5 2.0T Quattro Coupe Review

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Close – Read the written comparison here Jez Spinks and Tony Crawford pit the Audi…


Sjrick says:

75 or 80,000 ? Where are you getting your numbers from, Fully loaded the
bmw is around 60 or high 50′s

chicolatinochevere says:

BMW is much better and sexy car!

MrYoumitube says:

I own a Audi A5 2.0T and the last 3 years I believe it is the best looking
production car under 90k, but the BMW is brand new, so I would give it to
them, I cant wait to see what Audi can do for the Audi A5 B9 it should be a
better match for the BMW. The interior is looking outdated now since they
have had the same structure for last 5 years.

TheKmc121 says:

2 old bone heads. 

RisisMU says:

This A5 is already 2 years old. Can’t really compare the lacking.
Both are still great cars. A5 is definitely a head turner though.

kuruptzZz says:

428i > A5
435I > S5
M4 > RS5

gamertanafc says:

Audis interior is way ahead of bmw 

HTBOSS says:

Talk about a no passion dumb review..

Celledral says:

Did you guys even try the Drive mode selects? They offer sport and sport +
for better driving dynamics. I assume you had them in comfort. 

gamertanafc says:

Id rather have a balck edition a5

MaZEEZaM says:

Great review, I think its going to really come down to a prior pref for
either Audi or Bmw. For me, def the Audi even if the interior is a bit
dated, that can be upgraded with after market gear. Funny ending :D

Laweeze Morton says:

Of course…. one likes the audi and one likes the BMW… same story each

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