BMW 5 Series : Car Review

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Close This new BMW 5 Series arrives at a key time, with Mercedes back on form, Audi now an established contender and Jaguar winning over pundit…


scarlebloke says:

Quite an old video, isn’t it?

guggie g says:

Is 5 series better than X6?

turpioSE says:

I’d love a nice big car that uses less fuel eg 6-7 l/100km average.

cervacio says:

What’s your verdict on its ride quality? Is it as harsh as its predecessor?
I prefer ride quality over handling

Jimmy Joji says:

@NEWCARNET Good review there. I was wondering what was the name of this
sound track? Because I loved it


@scarlebloke Yes, we are uploading our back catalogue to YouTube and this
is a review from 2011. You can see our latest reviews on our website at

♠Ripley♠ says:

Car looks better in person than on the internet, it’s absolutely stunning.

BigMemory says:

The 5 series has basically become a 7 Series in driving dynamics. Im not
sure thats a bad thing because ive been agonizing over whether to get a 5
series or a 7 series.

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