BMW 5 Series Diesel — The Talk

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With 413 lb-ft of torque and 38mpg highway, the BMW 5 Series Diesel smokes the competition.


CJSchecter96 says:

She wants the D(iesel)

Jerome Butterfield says:

It’s a good car

Max G-C says:

she bought the car. why isn’t she driving it?

Chris Radtke says:

“Do that again!” 

J. Barry Neas says:
ChristewieTV says:

Thats actually the 530d. The European 535i has 313 hp

Pavle Milićević says:

Perfect BMW couple. Guy looks like he’s just under 50, a girl looks like
fresh out uni…

chris ce says:

bmw marketing sucks

zuti071 says:

525d is enough for me.

Walker Wesley says:

do you think she says “do you like it?” or “do that again” at the end? In a
hot debate about this…

IcebergSyndicate47 says:

Clever, clever.

Desmos Dromos says:

I needed more excitement so Ive bought a diesel.

Justinaadu says:

I actually think this commercial is hilarious, and I’m the world’s biggest
Mercedes fan.

Leslie Newman says:

Anne you are the bomb! Love it!

Philipp Z says:

Stupid commercial for airheads

Sohan Koduri says:

Tesla Model S Performance is so much better.

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