BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo : Car Review

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Close The GT stands for Gran Turismo but this is no Maserati. BMW says it’s been designed for customers who don’t feel their needs are being me…


European Car Imports says:

Great review of a BMW 5 series GT – this car is cavernous inside and is
described to be somewhere between a 7 series and the X5. Add to this its
impressively modest running costs and this is an interesting car to
consider. We have a 2012 model in stock now!! Contact us for more info.

Arthur Vico says:

this car is so fucking ugly

Alitricia1 says:

the BEST car BMW ever made to satisfy people with two carseats for kids and
need lots of rear room for them, Easy to put them in and out also for the
parents. plus if you buy the GT 550i YOU OWN THE ROAD too. So you don’t
like IT don’t buy it! Its not for YOU.

Kristian Krastev says:

Worst review ever!

JET997u says:

Most hideous thing BMW has produced in the last 50 years. What a turd.


@ruairi50 A beauty, it is NOT. But it does have some great qualities!

Felipe K says:

very true..i wanted a car with lots of luggage space to fit my kids stuffs
and got the 5 touring,i didn’t see any motive at all to buy the 5 gt
instead,plus the gt has an really ugly ass compare to the touring

ODST Löwe III says:

Beautiful review for a beautiful car.

VR6Boki says:

I like looks of this car :)


@TopTenSam You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head. BMW is building
cars that fill niches that are so small that nobody even knew they existed.
It’s still a fine car though – as you would expect from the Bavarian Motor

Giom Mouton says:

Very objective review! Don’t get a lot of these – especially concerning the
5 GT. As a huge fan of the 5 GT, I enjoyed this review.


Sad face ;-(

ryantedderfan says:

Unfortunately it only comes with automatic transmission.

xSamBrock says:

If you want a bmw then buy one…..If you want it to be luxurious then buy
a 5 Series…….If you want some extra lugage space then buy a 5 series
touring…..If you want alot of legroom in the back and have a bit extra
cash to spend then buy a 7 Series……If your doing the school run then
buy an X5/6. I cant see what the 5 series GT comes under.

ruairi mc carthy says:

audi A5 fastback copy but pig ugly

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