BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo iMOTOR Review

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iMOTOR tests out the controversial new BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo. So just what’s the point of this car? For more like this go to


Foster Syers says:


elementalpuck says:

Though not conventionally beautiful I am definitely in love. Very sexy and
one seat I would be most comfortable with for day or evening trips. I dont
care about super sportiness, just power and a communicative ride. The car
looks nice too.

Manthan Talati says:

@popopopopopo163 not everyone is as rich as you are

rayj778 says:

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Bannanabeast13 says:

Omg best car ever but rear is ugly

Twsit133 says:

@stirlingM2000 Yeah anyday, but the CLS is way more costy than this

Daniel Hansen says:

Comfort and from 7-series, coupe exterior from X6, boot and seating
position from X5, driving dynamics from 5-series. And there you go, 5
Series GT!

IvyLeagueCars says:

this and the x6 seem like pointless cars to me, no one wants a hatchback 5
series, they’ll get a wagon!! I could see replacing the 3 series wagon with
something like this a sporty hatch back, but not a 5 series. And the X6, an
suv with a lower roofline, who wants that?????

GreenJoe5 says:


gloryths says:

I hate BMW’s but this car is so fucking beautiful!!

che bye says:

how much?

TornTech says:

4:37 haha I was wondering why the reverse lights were on…. :D

jigrodrigues says:

If you want a class act car get a FIAT UNO!!!

NebunLaCap says:

stupidest car ever. they should of made it look just like the concept. this
is what happens when stupid ceos try to come in and change the artists
original design

osamiii324 says:

such an ugly car…and no LED’s like the audis either. bmw is going

italy430 says:

“or is it still hot enough to command a semi?!…. no!” hahah!

sikidon1 says:

My dad has a 550i gt and it is wasome

DulferCarter says:

This individual is Stupid as Hell!Great car!

ridley407 says:

3:18 “…..comes standart with 7-speed automatic gearbox” well, it’s
8-speed automatic transmission, not 7-speed

Mrallround123 says:


slr0084 says:

The guy presenting this is suck a twat!

skbuoy says:

i actually see the point of this car where else the X6 is very pointless.
the back seats are terrible and cramp, it looks very awkward and
misportioned, has same performance figs as X5 for a higher pruce.

Gianni Spacht says:

My dad has the 535i GT and i love it too

jonnyocho3 says:


libetta says:

ala-lexus interior, especially at the back

Leeds Tao says:

it is so much like a x6.

Charvylle101 says:

i wouldn’t really classify this as a GT car…hmm..more like an estate car
though…when i think of GT cars i think Masarati, lp560, California,
DbS…but Bmw?…id stick to the M series when I hear BMW…

Loc Tu says:

Nice review but not so great of a car! Is this going to be the new 5
series? If so it’s truly UGLY!!!

Nonoi Nion says:

Great review.

Distun1 says:

i like the review more then the car :)

minibus1351 says:

nice review.

wardxamy says:

dream on, Mr. Prius…

bus3ood says:

nice reviews u got ,, I like the reviews, car that U review

Alex Krass says:


86kinky86 says:

I love the interior, it’s very rare for the car to have comfortable back

mage1724 says:

Your reviews are super creative!

allthiseverything says:

much sexier than those hideous station wagons

mazumathefirst says:

I love the look of it especially in white.

nofio2000 says:

thisis the best review ever. I felt the same way when I took this car for a
test drive. I wanted a car that is bigger than a regular 5 series. but the
driving of htis one was not that great. but I loved everything else about

saads7 says:

Ugly car :(

sebyboy1000 says:

Nice car my dad has a black 550i gt I love it

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