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Erin Riches, Sr. Editor, gives you the pros and cons of the BMW 5 Series along with some insight from our consumer reviews. Info on 2011 & 2012 BMW 5 Series:…


himakgam says:

It seems to me you never owned BMW. New ones are less sporty and they are
less fun to drive than used to be. BMW put a lot of emphasis on luxury
side. From that perspective Infinity M is a huge competitor as it’s as
plush and sportier to drive. Then again you never owned and drove any of
them based on your review. Try to have facts in your hands before posting

Wildman113 says:

@313hotboi agreed. too many idiots on youtube whining about car reviews
putting them to sleep. they obviously didnt sleep at night.

baltimoremike27 says:

well said

DaSnarky Remarky says:

She is the weirdest reviewer i’ve ever seen.

George Natsis says:

@zdozdoz she doesn’t belong in these videos. i don’t even like hearing her

ponder2006 says:

She is cocky and pretentious. Take a break lady.

ehh007 says:

Why is a woman doing a car review???

PappaPak says:

i like bmws but audi has them beat as far as interiors.

hufington says:

It is more comfort oriented. Earlier models were more drivers’ cars than
this one. I owned the previous 535i and it was lighter on its feet.

PappaPak says:

@PappaPak also, didn’t the a6 beat the 535i in a recent test on insideline?

Jose A says:

No, she clearly mentioned and suggested to check out the competitors. AUDI,

AttaboyIII says:

Simple, if you buy a BMW you are, ARE, a cock. No excuses. Get the Audi,
you are dull, get the Merc and you are almost as bad as the BMW lot. Get
the Jag… Better looking, better sounding, better interior, better to
drive, cheaper… its the car to have!

blackseries99 says:

is this a friggin BMW paid commercial?

Ioanides001 says:

I like her. And the car for that matter. I don’t think cars are only to be
reviewed or presented by manly men with lots of body hair and macho
attitude. Also the review is spot on – 535i is a highly desirable car that
I’d choose anyday over the Merc or, even worse, the nose-heavy audis. The
infinity looks like a joke in this lineup :p

JerZeeBoi91 says:

This lady, along with the background music, makes this car so much less

Lunar Cactus says:

She lies to me

tjae92 says:

And whats up with her head being down and her voice being so mumbled.

Bmants says:

@zdozdoz : thats only if you feel inferior to her. You dont know squat
about her.

CarsTrucksAndAirplanes says:

Jaguar has a V8 standard and its cheaper than most 5 series models. That is
my pick.

Rajat Khanna says:

Yep. She is more a man than you! What’s with people like you? A confident
assertive woman baffles your nuts off?

hufington says:

@zdozdoz yup, she is annoying!

عمك القرندح says:


Richard smith says:

one of our reader, one of our reader, one of our reader, one of our reader,
one of our reader. inarticulate pseudo sales person

Bmants says:

@IngAdames : thats not necessary. Who the hell are you?

Samantha Edmunds says:

WTH did you guys get that she’s cocky? She isn’t saying **anything** that
betters herself to other people, or other cars.. she sticks to the subject
which is clearly about BMWs. Jealous losers.

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