BMW 5 Series review – Honest John

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Honest John’s BMW 5 Series F10 (2010 – ) Road Test, complete with hat based outtake.


bossadave says:

It is not g/kilo CO2 it is g/km.

marcusnlc says:

haha awesome review! Why are’t you in top gear?!

Luff55g says:

Hahaha awesome hat fail at the end ^^

Alexander Watt says:

where was this filmed? just out of interest

Desca says:

Great video wow wow the hat…Oh …

Александр Корпусенко says:

Это Жан Клод Вам Дам в старости

TheNightVisitant says:

Positive ride remarks for a Beamer on run flats? … I hope this chap lives
up to his name!

bullshark says:

isnt that the 2011 model?????

ducatinova says:

you look tiny in that huge car.

maak says:

if we forget about the price… what would you say is a better car, this or
the 335?

kens97sto171 says:

Love your reviews. Thanks for posting them.

toology55 says:

you should be on top gear

Herbert Hall says:

BMW seem to have ticked all the boxes and produced a fabulously good car
again. Congratulations on the excellent review.

Prasoon Pradeep says:

Hat fail awesome!!!

habil66 says:

Wow, such carisma ;)

joakimveyron says:

What a beauty!!

rahulgosh1 says:

- “Lot of control” total rip – off from richards hammond review of the bmw
3 series …. bt good ne wayz

Nasir Mehmood says:

i liked ur name honest john and ur style and also ur hat….great video

mxsss196 says:

Excellent review

Herbert Hall says:

This is an excellent detailed review of such an outstandingly good car.

Herbert Hall says:

Excellently done review and superb car.

Herbert Hall says:

Thank you for the excellent detailed review. It is certainly an
outstandingly good car.

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