BMW 6 Series Convertible 2012 650i with Emme Hall by RoadflyTV

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Vehicle: 2012 BMW 650i Convertible Host: Emme Hall For full specs and a downloadable window sticker for the BMW 6 Series visit


Fart Ing says:

How can you miss out on the bang and olufsen! 

Nick Hirschmann says:

what happened to chris? did he actually die ;-P

Cesar Mieses says:

Slick convertible but completely overpriced for the broke ass mofo!! 

666bottles says:

The reviewer is fucking annoying!

Trace Mann says:

Beautiful Car, Nauseating reviewer to say the least. will avoid in the

XepojCp6uje says:

V eight are 2 words lady…

Joseph Barmaan says:

She is so ugly 

PanHustej says:

Thats strange.. because I find her just perfect.. sporty car – sporty

jonny5777 says:

Used to have the old 650i don’t know if it was the looks or the natural
engine but I prefer the old to the new. Good review though

stewmacman says:

The prices for luxury cars are rivaling some home prices nowadays!!!

FantastyckplastycK says:

woman reviewing a car just doesn’t cut it

venom5809 says:

Don’t be that guy. LMAO.

Garrett Wells says:

Love your energy Emme! I always enjoy your reviews. I currently own an 08
650i conv. and love it. Have you driven the old one? If so how much of a

7alamontii says:

I want this car

John Galfano says:

Still unable to view.

Ahmad Alfaisal says:

Can anybody tell me in which city/state the review took place?

MiilesTV says:

All I see is a cry for help. This poor soccer mom.

MrUpgraydde says:

So you’re telling me that for the price of a convertible Mustang GT (more
power and better looks) plus a Cadillac CTS-V (way more power and better
looks) I could have one of these? Sign me right the F up!

AaliyahAndHearts says:

ive been waiting all day to watch this! only because its emme :3

Cordovarian says:

JEEZ, THAT bmw is not worth it, id spent the 1k extra and get a base m6

Billy Sou says:

This BMW 650i (or let alone a 6-series) says, “I’ve made it.” or “I make a
lot more than you.” I have a doctor who owns one….

Arman7788 says:

11:11 am

dellstudio10 says:

Ha, what a rip off! That is no where near enough car for the money. Sure,
it’s nice and all, but 100 grand come on. BMW needs to come down off there
high horse and price these cars a little more practical. Yes they use
quality parts and the cars are built well for the most part, but who are
they trying to fool with those crazy prices???

roadflytv says:

Nope. The baskets are square. Impressive vocabulary, though. -Emme@RoadflyTV

liomarroquin says:

Nothing against emme but where the hell is stephanie at???

mterwill9 says:

ok i hate when people say things like that, look at the inside of one of
these and the insides of those car IN PERSON not just in pictures, the bmw
6 is in a whole nother league plus the top is about 5times thicker than a
mustang, the 6 is a totally modern car whereas the mustang has a truck
suspension and just because the mustang has more power on paper doesnt mean
it has more power in the real world, the torque from the bmw blown 8′s is
out of this world

63nrb says:

I think this car doesn’t worth $105,000, I definitely go by Porsche
panamera 4s for that price range

hernandez86 says:

Love the outtakes

Marzia sparanzzi says:

I only watch the ones with Emme..

GrayFox0047 says:

Emme you are hilarious. Great car review as usual!

mrmaturitydelinquent says:

The 650i is awesome! Hey Emme, did you guys drive the 650i Grancoupe yet?

ltrebl says:

Instead of the play button is says “Restricted Content” over the thumbnail

Ulisses Costa says:

good review as always :)

mblonski says:

they expect people to pay over a 100k for that, are they joking?

battycowboy says:

It is a twin

garytherival says:

Emme, the trunk isn’t powered because that would require gooseneck hinge
arms. They didn’t fit those because they would cut into the already
restricted trunk space.

RayzaBlayz says:

its a single turbo, no twin turbo

redwineisfine says:

Emme, go leopard skin or Zebra on the dress and hair.

whssyboi says:

I have a feeling Emme doesn’t really like this car!

Al VaroAPE says:

you really hit that guy when backing up? o.0

Alberto Knox says:

“… so you can take your RWD convertible to the mountains to go Skiing!”
HA! Spit beer on my monitor!

7alamontii says:

is this inception ?

roadflytv says:

Yes, we have been in it. The video is in post-production now. It’ll be a
couple of weeks before it’s finished. -Charlie@RoadflyTV

gene978 says:

Here’s the deal. I so love everything about cars. But it all comes to me
now how this is the only way to out a temporary smile on a in happy rich
person. I know if I handed out that money to several different really needy
people it would make them and ME very happy in my heart where it counts.
Anything over $35K is to much for a car. Just ask the majority of really
rich people what they drive.

supermanspeed103 says:

TwinPower Turbo, and Twin Turbo Charged engine are not the same thing. This
is a single turbo car.

Roy Garcia says:

@dellstudio10 I agree…the car is luxurious but it is not worth what
they’re asking for. People are really paying for the badge. The tech isn’t
exclusive as cheaper cars have the same if not more features in their tech.

IrrepressibleGuile says:

she looks better with the sun glasses off cos she got nice eyes

dickcheese663 says:

if your a MAN…. the only trim would be a M6 in white/black with carbon
fiber roof, a loud ass exhaust and after market intake + a Tune…..or a
black everything Z06

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