BMW 640d M Sport Review – Fifth Gear Web TV

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BMW have just released a brand new coupé version of their glamorous 6 Series convertible. We test the 640d uber-diesel that promises to not only be the bigge…


Ian Townsend says:

I’ve had a F30 320d for about 6 months it’s a brilliant car, I’m waiting
for the 640d Grancoupe to go down in price then I’m going to buy one bmw 2

Schuh Du says:

Sound comes from a sound module 

eternyman says:

in slovenia base price startzs at 96k lol

arek grabowski says:

Finaly great car,fuck audi !!

Nick Clarke says:

Astonishing achievement to get that kinds of performance and economy. I
suspect black magic at work.

nicola benz says:

Look cls fly ahahah 2:44

დავით კურტანიძე says:
ProEvolution Gem says:

Later this year? it has come last month…..

rapalo89 says:


Nope says:

This is beast.

Eric M says:

Because they used to be on Channel Five, but im not sure what happened
because Discovery Channel is taking over, and they will start their 21st
series around September….. which is now!

Idontgiveashytt says:

i stick with CLS 63 AMG

MS says:

Why no more videos? Its april already…

Hastrup081290 says:

The “D” in diesel stands for “Dont!”

vateoivanov says:

“I feel like a giraffe being born” HAhahahahhahaha

leadfoot driver says:

i so want a bmw 335d

S1nthetiK says:

@adamc260 Identity.

Allen QU says:

The powerfullst Diesel engine from BMW is nowadays 381 bhp I6 triple turbo.

jg23xe says:


hahaha13822 says:

I get the sense that who ever created the title to this series was just
being generous to the toyota prius.

tucfinland says:

Why do you think that Fifth Gear is a bigass tv show? Also, the date is Dec
2011. And the quality is fine by me, since the budget for the video isn’t
large anyway. Also, this is a free video with no ads and you are

hzmhaz says:


James Love says:

At the time of recording this was the most powerful so kindly stuff your
retrospective snotty comment.

ldfairbairn says:

@4spdk The 550d uses a tri-turbo version of the bi-turbo engine found in
this car. The higher the model number the more powerful it is, e.g. a 330d
is more powerful than a 320d, a 650i is more powerful than a 630i, etc.
Sometimes there is a link between the model name and the engine size, but
generally speaking it is just for separating out the different engines
available within the range.

Jan Weglarz says:

i don’t like him

Rangeroversport12 says:

where has fifth gear gone to? its been 2 months!

rauf131 says:

Nice vid, however u’re only talking ab. “incredible mixture of power, fuel
economy, luxury and excitement.”. Show us how it really drive, for ex. pack
it with friends, bags and skies in roof pack and then push it on track!
Would be much more reliable than talking…

Jasshands1 says:

i used to absolutly hate bmw’s, but I hope they offer this here in canada,
its actaully a great car. WOW, 51mpg

Highly Porsche says:

very impressive

David Pate says:

If I smoked cigars this would be my car.

IAMSO619 says:

BMW prefers an inline-6 because they’ve ‘perfected’ it. Why does Porsche
use a flat-6? It’s what the company has be doing for so long, they have
overcome any traditional problems that their respective layouts are known
to have. If you’ve driven an NA 3.0 liter inline-6 gasoline engine in a
BMW, you’ll know what I mean. There’s a smoothness that can’t be found with
an Audi or Mercedes V6. And let’s not forget that amazing induction noise!

Ron P says:

51 mpg wow why don’t we get this in U.S.

steenbergen100 says:

he is gay

ZA Software Development Tutorials says:

wow 51mpg… nice

TheHornyHomunculus says:

I love how everyone is dismissing it. Everyone thinks they’re some hardcore
petrolhead and every diesel car is a piece of shit. When you noobs start
doing more than 2000 miles a year in something bigger than your shit Corsa
b you’d realise why diesels make sense.

Will Poundstone says:

@yelowdg because diesels are for tractors

Sassymui8 says:

15 Asians crying in their rebadged Toyotas

LTO1119 says:

2:44 man theres no way in hell that benz just got some air like that lol

textthing says:

@oOoironhideoOo The previous generation looked far too much like a bar of

AshtonColeman says:

So why the hell isn’t this car in the USA? 51.4mpg?! The Prius can kiss my

ldfairbairn says:

@kernals12 The straight-six diesel engines in BMW’s cars are very smooth
and revvy. The engine note does sound deeper than a petrol car, but it
makes a nice throbbing sound and they do not make the clatter that we would
associate with a normal diesel engine. The diesel engines in the VAG range
are very noisy in comparison. In a world of ever-increasing fuel prices it
is great to see BMW giving us such a brilliant combination of style,
refinement, power and economy.

Eerik Lindström says:

@kernals12 And hybrids are for homosexuals.

CVasquezG says:


Philip Battersby says:

fuck you

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