BMW 640d xDrive review

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A BMW 6 Series coupe with four wheel drive… huh? Via


Vethursan1 says:

This is by far the most horrible language I’ve ever heard.

Jan Marques says:

Er moeten geen vrienden mee :D

XtaticVideo says:

M6 please =)

themeesthe says:

Lol, dat als je BMW rijd en geen vrienden heb is zooooooooo waar..:). En
een BMW in de sneeuw met achterwiel aandrijving is echt een HEL, laatste
wintersport BMW gehuurd, 3 km in de sneeuw hebben we 3 uur over gedaan.

Evans Cheruiyot says:

this is the first time I have noticed the 6-series is kinda ugly, bmw
really makes weird looking cars

Bobette Livers says:

‘but you are bmw driver, so you have no friends’ briljante quote!

blackmilo2 says:

Because you simply need to learn Dutch, these reviews are on the dutch
television, so there is no need to make them in English, therefore
Subtitles exist.

Besnik Memeti says:

Who else whats m6 50d thumbs up!!1

Nathan Venendaal says:

”Stel dat je geen BMW wil rijden, omdat je wel vrienden hebt”

lekido mutapi says:

¸the lcd screen looks like its been just shoveled there in middle of
cockpit, fail

1ceStyle says:

ehm je moeder is een 14 jarige douchbag wat je op youtube pf ziet betekend
dat het niet echt is sukkeltje get your facts right.

Ausc42 says:

“..but you are a BMW driver, so you don’t have to take any friends with
you..” LOL About the car, AWD is kinda ok, it makes the car better
all-arounder (I still prefer the classic RWD though) but what is the point
of putting a diesel in such a car? I mean, the car costs almost 100k€ and
it’s probably your second or even a third car? Give me a proper petrol V8,
who gives a fuck about fuel consumption if he can afford such a car?

Kristian Dubinji says:

SUB: vei bikeni mul beivei mordelu kupei dejvei stelovo kupeij vring vring
ele di li auto…

1ceStyle says:

omdat je niet kan rijden.

MiranFTW9871 says:

Its Dutch :P

TheEryk03 says:

5 doors.

raivons says:

nice car but the wheels on this 640d is lagging style

zawodowiec650 says:

Kurwa takie drogi maja a po polach jeżdżą : /

themeesthe says:

lol, fijne vakantie ;)

ClickBull says:

I want that car…

WWaveform Creations says:

Looks a lot like the Audi A7 and the Mercedes-Benz SL

compfreak says:

A5 is based on the A4, a class lower than the 5-series which the 6-series
is based on.

peuheul says:

dat diesel geluid is het toch net niet he.

Alain van Soolingen says:

You should learn Dutch my friend :) !

themeesthe says:

@1ceStyle Dus je doet je voor als een 14 jarige jongen……jij bent echt
een ranzig type. SCHAAM JE!!!

Pete M says:

What language is he speaking

marcel rusu says:

fuck the x6!

schlossborn1995 says:

…Audi A7?

QuickQuips says:

Seems like the perfect GT car for the frugal sociophobe in the Alps.

Monkeylabs says:

Not kidding here, but I actually like the looks of the previous 6-Series

n8neiTen8n says:

What language is that? He sounds like a drunk german :D

Martieman9 says:

en een SP’er als nr. 6

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