BMW ActiveHybrid 3.

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The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 stands for the combination of an award-winning combustion engine and an innovative electric drive. The BMW TwinPower Turbo technology …


BMW Active Hybrid says:

BMW ActiveHybrid 3. – YouTube

BMW of Darien says:

The BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is the perfect combination of our award-winning
combustion engine and a new, innovative electric drive. Watch this video
for more details!

Checkered Flag BMW says:

Dear hybrid hunters, your wish has been fulfilled! Take a look at the
dynamic BMW ActiveHybrid 3, making competition scratch their heads at its
award-winning built.

BMW of Bakersfield says:

Check out this video to get an inside look at the exciting technology
behind the revolutionary BMW ActiveHybrid 3. BMW continues to pave the way
for luxury and innovation.

BMW of Murrieta says:

BMW continues to lead the way for innovation and luxury with the
ActiveHybrid 3. Learn more about this incredible vehicle in the video

Scott Orme says:

electric engine?

صفاء دهش says:


TheKnut says:

How about high gloss tire gel?

s0br00tal1 says:

i want those wheels

Shrake says:

Hybrid engine. Basically means that at low speeds the car will use its
electric engine whilst on higher speeds the normal combustion engine will
pick up. If the car is put in sportmode however, you can disable the
electric engine.

Lóránt Bogáth says:

Daryl Jackson is the best spokesman for BMWs

Dschaylizy says:


EngineReport says:


Benjamin Sheikh says:

nice, same pricing as current 3 coupe! :D

Scott Orme says:

i was just being picky on terminology… electric motors are called motors,
not engines

bossraptv1 says:

i love bmw <3

bcl0328 says:

it has an electric motor because my regular 3-series has the twinpower
turbo engine and 8 speed tranny.

maaarrss says:

Well.. there is only one problem.. I don’t like automatic gearbox :/

Valentin Pavlyuk says:

TwinPower Turbo technology is working in tandem with an eight-speed
automatic hybrid transmission

BiGMoFFen says:

same. i think the new one needs some getting used to

MrHorst445 says:

press 2 | like a boss! :D


Why does new 3 series looks so ugly?

adem karakoca says:

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 ödüllü bir yanmalı motor ve yenilikçi bir elektrikli
tahrik birleşimi anlamına gelir.BMW TwinPower Turbo teknolojisi sekiz
vitesli otomatik hibrid şanzıman ve akıllı enerji yönetimi ile birlikte
çalışmaktadır. Bu 75 km / h (46 mph) ve 250 km / h (155 mph) hıza için bir
all-elektrik tahrikli izin verir.

vickeyok says:

Why not…

Harrison Rone-Clarke says:

can i ask… has the computer been simplified.

RCasto says:

When is the convertible launching?

Sudkate Suvunnasuk says:

So Good

MrZZZZZ101 says:

i love these wheels


it isn”t a BMW if it doesn’t burn fuel

mehdei fendereskei says:
Jacob Thompson says:
MelvinBeyatNorthwestBMW says:

BMW ActiveHybrid 3. – YouTube

Brunö Galegö says:
Pedro Pires says:

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