BMW ActiveHybrid 7

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Have a look at the most luxurious rendition of hybrid technology ever seen so far in the automobile: BMW ActiveHybrid 7. Need some facts ? The BMW ActiveHybr…


bmwnasher says:

Could you imagine the stop start in a traffic jam in london ….or does it
only work at traffic lights..Has it got a heavy duty starter?

iamandreja says:

It is a hybrid. It works on fuel+electric engine.

cr8tiveaustin says:

hhahaha yes very true.

luiseejanosch19 says:

GeileZone . com und dieses vid sind meine top funde im netz heute

theidisok says:

does anyone know its background music??

G3n3ralN0ns3ns3 says:

We’ll trade our 750Li for this one once this comes out! =D Rock on German

Raouf Rafat says:

Very Great.

SexiiBabeeMaus91 says:

wer hat lust auf bissl chatn ihr werdets nicht bereuen ;)

Keen Observer says:

s-class hybrid model safes 2-3liters per km too. like the 7er. normally no
diffrence between the motors

Aaendewyy says:

very nice

PhoBoDacBiet says:

hybrid of the year D:

Lance Coleman says:

BMW all the way!

daniel ramirez says:

does this guy have to talk like that? anywho, sexy car swell technology

analyitic1 says:

yeh, he says it way too much as well.

Rhimon says:

@Djgusgus1 ja gib mir deine kontodaten

GraphicalStorm says:

Yh i know the word BMW sounds so annoying with this guys voice. we all know
that BMW is the best but when he keeps on saying BMW in this BMW clip it
gets on my BMW nerves. BMW rules!

crazyndalazdayz666 says:

Now THAT is a hybrid I’d drive.. finally.

pimpstyle100 says:


shixxx8 says:


Kevin Halpin says:

if only i was rich

drunkhomer says:

impressive bmw!!!!

MajorMalphunction says:

They should do a Hybrid Diesel!

pwollerman says:

@Punisher2all – ish thish guy Sean Connery?

TheBiggest Benny says:

Ah thats my car :)

Omega08082 says:

What will its mpg’s be?

Mik Mix says:


Amazetbm says:

This is a fig leaf car so BMW can say, “Hey we do hybrids, too.” The diesel
version has better gas mileage.

gfjjjjjjjjjjjjjjfzkhfglui says:

geile karre über die ich demnächst ein referat in technologie halten werde

SonicOverlordUK says:

The word BMW sounds very annoying with this guy’s voice…

GadgetLatest says:

lol B — M — W

6SpAr6TAN69 says:

let’ s see now, a big shoe box on wheels that costs over 100gran becuas of
the hybrid that doesnt actually do any better mileage than its competitors
and cheaper non-hybrids and it’ s significantly less than 500HP, compared
to competitor cars that go way above 500HP.

whyeff21 says:

who invited those 6 merc drivers… lols

Jon-Marc Gavin says:

that car OMG..will set the starting point for years to come

Ch1n4tw says:

if you like BMW inventions get “KERS”

Bilal Ahmed says:

Finally, The German’s making the Hybrid, definite possibilities !

g1981c says:

Good job BMW, now add all wheel drive and put it on a 5 series.

El Patron says:

what a great car but i’m poor lol

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