BMW i3 2013 review – What Car?

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Subscribe: The BMW i3 is available in either pure electric or range-extender formats, and costs from just over £25000 (with the £5000 …


MrEnergyCzar says:

Great review. Did you notice any performance drop when driving with the
engine on? Thanks

/Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1) says:

This is a really cool thing! It’s really the first of the hybrids that for
me really makes a strong argument for the eco car. It aint cheap but it’s
the future ‘now’.

stephane matis says:

Appreciate the review.
Although the visual merits are debased by many, I like this car for what it
tries and achieves.
The again, I happen to like the Honda Element and this pretty much looks
like an aerodynamic interpretation form-wise.

josh786manchester says:

Skinny tires are ugly

Oumar DiAllO says:

Good thing in the US you get 8-10k in rebates for this car. Factoring the
gas and maintenance savings from a regular gasoline car, I would save
thousands per year even though the MSRP is 42k :)

kosar mustafa says:

Its stupid to buy this car

Alan Akeister says:

Ach Zo, ze pro german Vot car gets a new BMW to test and of course drool
over it. What car lost its subjective reporting years ago. Put a BMW badge
on a Trabant and they would gush over it. Biaised anti British What car

Alessio Vigna says:

Ok, so the range extender is so meaningful that is wise to have and extra
tank in the boot. This car make less and less sense to me anytime that I
look at it more in deep. Polluting production process, short range, rather
bad safety rating, expensive. Basically just brand marketing.

Yudhistira Hartadi says:


Trusted Dealers says:

– from our good friends at +What Car? 

John Doe says:

“what car?”, please make vid with porsche macan.

Skyler91 says:

Ugly, Expensive and… what the hell, 110 km ? mmmh… not a big deal to me

toyotaprius79 says:

0:05 They never said that! It’s a BMW!
That’s Nissan’s job.

Moby Dick says:

looks ugly.

Rafael says:

The higher trunk floor is actually do to the space BMW leaves for the
gasoline range extender, it has nothing to do with the batteries or the
electric motor. Unfortunately this space is taken even when one opts out of
the range extender.

North1927 says:

Did she really recommend carrying around a jerrycan of fuel in the trunk??
That seems a good way to make these as combustible as a Tesla….. :) Note
to prospective buyers: there is a reason that offroad drivers carry spare
gas outside the vehicle…. 

stumbledotcom says:

Lame review. The i3 has been designed as a city car first and foremost. Why
only show it on country roads? She also makes inane comments about “not a
long distance car” and comfortable ride “even in the city.” Shows a
complete lack of understanding of the i3′s intended role. Then there’s the
outright inaccuracies. The fiber-based panels are in all trims, not just
the premium ones. Nav screens are not touch sensitive. Batteries are not
“under the boot floor.” The electric engine (and Rex if equipped) are. The
battery pack is actually under the passenger cabin between the axles.
Finally the advice to carry a can of extra fuel is simply irresponsible.
It’s unneeded in the i3′s intended urban environment and it’s dangerous in
the event of an accident. 

alukardFE says:

fugly !!!

Ngamer834 says:

Awful, trying to look “futuristic” but it looks ugly. What is the point
anyway? Expensive and I’d rather just go to a petrol station than muck
around plugging an electric car in. I know some BMW buyers have more money
than sense..but only a fool would buy one of these.

Fabrizio Leoni says:

It makes sense to me…
Yes, it costs to much, it looks…weird, it’s not that big and other cars
are more practical, the noise it makes it’s horrible etc.
But it’s exclusive, well made, fun to drive, sporty and very very
I quite like it: I’d rather have the 1-Series, 125i or M135i, but this is a
good car indeed…
It still has the always faults of electric car, but in some countries, when
electric motoring is present, it might be a success…

Peter Morgan says:

The pure electric version of the i3 has zero VED and zero percent BIK.

kevin n says:

Everybody calls this car expensive but nobody compares the cost of fuel and
electricity. Once you start to factor that into the equation it starts to
make more sense. Also, in North America, both Canada and the States offer
8-15k dollar gov’t rebates for buying a EV. 

Ben Hargreaves says:

@2:29, you’ve got to love a DOB Radio…

Edward Chen says:

cool car actually

theokan89 says:

compared to how the leaf & volt look and drive (also remembering that this
car weighs nearly 300kg less and is rear wheel drive), fantastic job BMW. 

Makky Khan Shummer says:

Shit car comparing to Tesla Model S

Navneet Murti says:

Rear is ugly. So ugly that there is nothing so ugly to compare it with 

Victor Aung says:

Any news for crash tests report for I 3? 

Wooly Creek says:

Are you paying for Brand or are you truly paying for it being generously
equipped while being efficient? 

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